Teri Meri Doriyaann 29th January 2024 Written Update: Jasleen request shocks Seerat

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The episode starts with Angad seeing that Sahiba talking to Lawyer Bhadra and misunderstands that Sahiba has decided to divorce him. The lawyer shows a file to Sahiba. Anagd seeing it thinks it is divorce documents. The watchman comes to Angad and asks Angad to move his car away as it is parked at the wrong place. Angad agrees and leaves from there.


The lawyer shows the file and it is shown that they are designs of her father as he is an artist and she wants these designs in that wall. Lawyer Bhadra asks Sahiba if she can do it. Sahiba says she will try her best. Lawyer Bhadra agrees.

Kirat recalls what happened while jogging. Garry jogs besides Kirat but she doesn’t notice him. Kirat nearly runs into a bike. Garry pulls Kirat aside and asks Kirat what happened. Kirat hugs Garry and says to Garry and says to Garry she doesn’t know what is happening with her. Garry comforts Kirat saying nightmares are common sometimes and asks Kirat not to worry about it.

Sahiba says to Lawyer Bhadra that she wants all of these things. Lawyer Bhadra agrees. Sahiba says to Lawyer Bhadra that there is a wedding in her house and she wants all of this to end before it. Lawyer Bhadra agrees. Angad confirms that Sahiba has decided to divorce him. Angad thinks Sahiba lied about this calling it a free lance project. Sahiba feels that someone is watching them and goes to window. Angad hides from Sahiba. Sahiba later goes and talks to the Lawyer Bhadra.

Jasleen comes to Seerat and says to Seerat that their family members and her decided that it’s time for her to leave the house. Seerat asks Jasleen how could she ask her to leave the house like this. Jasleen says to Seerat that it is not their decision but her decision to leave this house as she divorced Garry. Jasleen says she talked to Santosh and they are coming tomorrow to pick her up. Jasleen says to Seerat that this night is the last night in the Brar mansion.

Garry asks Kirat where is she going. Garry invites Kirat to eat Aloo Paratha to cheer her up. Kirat agrees.

Garry and Kirat eat Aloo Paratha. Garry says to Kirat that this is the first time he saw a woman eat Aloo Paratha without worrrying about her diet. Kirat asks Garry why does he care for her so much. Garry feels that he can’t stand seeing her in pain. Garry realises that he loves Kirat but decides not to tell Kirat about it. Garry says to Kirat because they are friends. Sasha sees Garry and Kirat together and sends a picture of them together with Veer. Veer gets infuriated seeing the photo.

Angad pours alcohol to himself and drinks it to ease the pain in his heart as he thinks Sahiba has decided to leave him but in front of him she acts as if she doesn’t want to be separated from him. Angad assumes that Sahiba wants to keep her meeting a divorce lawyer hidden from him so that she could one day throw the divorce papers on his face and tell everyone that Sahiba left Angad. Angad says he would never allow that to happen.

Sahiba thinks to herself that her situation is really bad as Angad and Sahiba’s anniversary is coming close but now their relationship is on a breaking point and they should also wish each other a happy anniversary as they are showing to others that everything is normal.

Inder and Jabjyot ask Sahib how could she hide about this from them.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sahiba asks Angad where are they going. Angad reminds Sahiba that they agreed not to question each other and says he will tell her if she wants to break it. Sahiba says no. Angad and Sahiba get into the car.

Angad asks Sahiba to get on this blindfold and says he wants to surprise her.

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