Teri Meri Doriyaann 30th January 2024 Written Update: Veer accuses Garry

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The episode starts with Inder and Jabjyot confronting Sahiba about hiding the truth from them. Sahiba thinks they found out about the conflict between Sahiba and Angad. Sahiba decides to open up about it. Inder and Jabjyot say to Sahiba that they are just pulling her leg. Jasleen says to Sahiba that they are asking her about the plans that she prepared for her anniversary. Inder and Jasleen remind Sahiba that it is her marriage anniversary. Inder, Jasleen, and Jabjyot decide to grandly celebrate Angad and Sahiba’s wedding anniversary. Sahiba says to them that Angad and Sahiba decided to just focus on Veer and Kirat’s marriage and they will do the wedding anniversary next time. Jasleen praises Sahiba. Jabjyot and others decide to atleast do a small celebration as today is Angad and Sahiba’s anniversary.


All the Brar family plan to surprise Angad with Sahiba tonight on the occasion of his wedding anniversary.

Veer shows the photo of Garry and Kirat together to her parents. Veer learns from the security that Garry has returned home. Veer comes to Garry and confronts Garry asking him what was he doing with his fiance. Jasleen and other Brar family members ask Veer why is he speaking to Garry in such a tone. Veer sends the photo of Garry and Kirat together to all the Brar family members. Veer asks Garry why was he meeting with Kirat. Garry says to Brar family that Kirat and Garry go to the same ground to do jogging and they got together to eat breakfast. Garry asks the Brar family what’s wrong with it. Veer reminds Garry how he ran away with Angad’s fiance on the day of Angad’s marriage. Veer asks Garry if he wants to do something like that with him. Garry says he would never even think about doing something like that. Veer comments on Garry. Sahiba says to Veer that by accusing Garry like this he is also suspecting Kirat. Angad says to Veer that Kirat is a good girl and if there is a strong trust of bond between them then nobody can separate them but if there is no trust there is no value in that kind of relationship. Veer agrees. Sahiba asks Veer how did he got that photo. Veer says he got it from Sasha. Angad asks Veer why is he in contact with Sasha. Veer says he is not contact with Sasha but she sent him this photo and he learnt about Garry meeting Kirat from her. Veer asks Garry to stay away from Kirat. Angad also warns Garry the same thing. Garry agrees. Akaal asks Veer to end this argument.

Angad talks with the lawyer over the phone and learns that everything is ready for tomorrow. Angad sees that the lights have been turned off and he goes to check it out. Sahiba comes in front of Angad and asks for his hand. Sahiba later wishes a Happy wedding anniversary to Angad. Angad also wishes the same to Sahiba. Angad says to Sahiba that he has a surprise planned for her. The rest of the Brar family come and congratulate Angad. Hansraj asks Angad to cut the cake. Angad agrees.

Angad recalls what happened and holds the knife on its sharp edge and injures his hand. Sahiba cares for Angad. The Brar family asks Angad what was he thinking. Angad says he was thinking about her wedding. Everyone praises Angad.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sahiba asks Angad where are they going. Angad reminds Sahiba that they agreed not to question each other and says he will tell her if she wants to break it. Sahiba says no. Angad and Sahiba get into the car.

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