Teri Meri Doriyaann 30th November 2023 Written Update: All the evidence hints that Angad is Sunny Sood

Teri Meri Doriyaann 30th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Veer singing a song to ease the pain in his heart. Veer recalls what happened. Jasleen and Yash see Veer singing the song. Yash praises Veer’s singing.


Sahiba calls Angad but he doesn’t pick up the call. Angad recalls what happened. Sahiba messages Angad to return home saying she is waiting for him.

Sahiba sleeps on the sofa. Mannat says over her phone that she is coming and he makes her wait a lot. Mannat drops her phone. Sahiba wakes up and thinks Angad came here. Sahiba comes and asks the watchman if Angad came. The watchman says Angad didn’t come but Mannat has left from here.

Sahiba goes looking for Mannat. Sahiba finds Mannat talking to a mysterious person who is wearing the same clothes as Angad. Parth worries about Mannat and calls Sahiba.

Mannat sees Sahiba hearing the ring tone. The mysterious person leaves from there without showing his face.

Mannat asks Sahiba why did she come here. The mysterious person leaves from there without showing his face to Sahiba.

Sahiba and Mannat chase the mysterious person. Mannat calls the mysterious person Sunny Sood.

Parth wakes up all of the Brar family people saying his sister has gone missing.

Mannat thinks where has Sunny gone. Sahiba and Mannat see Angad coming from the same place that Sunny Sood has left. Angad comes and asks Sahiba what happened.

Sahiba asks Angad what is he doing here. Angad says his car broke down and he saw them here so he came here. Mannat asks Angad why is he caring like he doesn’t know anything while he just talked to her normally before. Angad says he just came here.

Parth and the rest of the Brar family come to Angad and Sahiba. Mannat tries to prove that Angad is Sunny Sood infront of the Brar family asking Sahiba to tell what she saw. Sahiba admits to the Brar family that she saw someone hugging Mannat but she couldn’t see his face. Mannat argues that Sunny Sood is Angad as they are wearing the same clothes. Mannat also shows the new phone number with which Sunny Sood called her to come out of the Brar mansion. Angad hearing this understands Sunny Sood is keeping an eye on them as he knows Mannat is in their home.

Parth calls Sunny Sood’s phone number. They hear the ring tone and follow it to Angad’s car. Angad opens his car. They find the phone in a bag and that phone is ringing. Parth accuses Angad of cheating his sister as Sunny Sood. Parth raises his hand at Angad. Angad defends himself and warns him to not raise his hand again. Jasleen and Hansraj suspect that Angad might be acting as Sunny Sood as they found Sunny Sood’s phone in Angad’s car.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mannat will ask Sahiba to meet Sunny Sood for once so that she will come to know the truth. Sahiba decides to tell it to Angad after meeting Sunny Sood. Sahiba goes to Mannat’s place and gets shocked to see Sunny who exactly looks like Angad.

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