Teri Meri Doriyaann 31st May 2024 Written Update: Daljeet turns the tables on Angad and Sahiba’s ploy

Teri Meri Doriyaann 31st May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Daljeet saying to Sahiba that they are going to Switzerland for their honeymoon. Sahiba asks Daljeet to stay in his limits. Daljeet reminds Sahiba that they are getting married so he needs to cross the line. Daljeet also says to Sahiba that she looks great with her hair loose and he holds Sahiba’s hand. Sahiba slaps Daljeet. Daljeet raises his hand at Sahiba. Angad stops Daljeet.

All the Brar ladies question Daljeet how can he raise his hand at Sahiba. Jabjyot says to Daljeet that in the Brar mansion they don’t raise their hand at woman and comments on Daljeet. Daljeet agrees and asks the Brar ladies if he can put this jewelry necklace around Sahiba’s hand. The Brar ladies don’t agree to it. Kirat puts the necklace around Sahiba’s neck.

Daljeet gets the report from the lab. Daljeet acts as if he is shocked that Angad and Sahiba did the DNA test of Akir. Sahiba and Angad think the DNA report came in their favour and they say to Daljeet that his game is over. Daljeet laughs at them and shows the reports. Sahiba and Angad gets shocked seeing that Daljeet and Akir’s DNA is a match. Daljeet mocks Sahiba and Angad.

It is shown Harneet sees Pam’s id card and understands she is working for Brar jewellers. Harneet messages Daljeet about it. Daljeet understands Angad and Sahiba are planning something against him and he decided to beat them at his own game.

Sahiba says she will redo the DNA test. Daljeet says it is no use as he bought the lab to which they sent the reports so the samples are also in his hands and they will not get anything.

Daljeet tries to put the ring on Sahiba’s hand. Angad turns off the lights. Daljeet still puts the ring on Sahiba’s hand. Daljeet asks his security to see why the lights are turned off. Sahiba leaves from there.

Sahiba throws the ring away. Angad puts the ring back in Sahiba’s hand. The lights get turned on. Sahiba comes to Daljeet.

Daljeet says to Sahiba that they are going to get married today. Sahiba doesn’t agree to it. Angad asks Daljeet to marry Sahiba quickly and give him his son. Angad says he is tired of these games.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sahiba tries to escape with Akir but Daljeet and his men catch Sahiba and Akir.

Daljeet confronts Sahiba with a gun. Sahiba takes the gun and shoots Daljeet. The police arrest Sahiba for killing Daljeet.

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