Teri Meri Doriyaann 3rd April 2024 Written Update: Sahiba spots Angad.

Teri Meri Doriyaann 3rd April 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Akir hiding from his mother in the market. Angad and Sahiba don’t notice each other in the market.

Angad tries to wash the stain on his pant with some water. Sahiba sees Akir is running towards an oncoming truck. Sahiba tries to go on her bicycle but she falls off the bicycle and falls on the ground.

Angad also spots Akir running towards an oncoming truck. Angad rushes to Akir and pulls him to safety. Angad and Akir roll on the ground. Sahiba thinks Akir got into an accident and loses consciousness.

Sahiba’s dupatta falls on both Akir and Angad. Akir takes his mother’s dupatta. Angad tries to do friendship with Akir but Akir says he doesn’t want to do friendship with him. Angad seeing Akir thinks of his son.

Akir comes to Sahiba. Sahiba wakes up and sees Akir is safe and sound and feels relieved. Sahiba scolds Akir for running on the road without seeing anything. Akir apologises to Sahiba.

Angad sees Sahiba caring for Akir from the back and thinks Akir’s mother is irresponsible as Akir would have gotten into an accident. Angad sees that his shoe is torn off so he takes off the shoe. Angad walks barefoot. Sahiba asks Akir who saved him. A passerby says the guy standing beside the car has saved him. Sahiba sees Angad from the back and decides to thank him. Sahiba walks towards Angad. Akir stops Sahiba saying there is no need for her to thank that uncle. Angad leaves in his car. Sahiba later scolds Akir for for releasing Sattu uncle’s buffaloes.

Sahiba brings Akir home and scolds him. Akir says he was just trying to teach a lesson to that businessman as he put Daljeet in jail. Sahiba comments on it and says it’s wrong of him to trouble others. Akir agrees.

The police come to Simran to take her statement. Simran asks Angad to stay here while she gives her statement. Angad agrees.

Sahiba comes to the hospital to check on Simran. The nurse meets Sahiba and says the patient admitted by her is fine.

The nurse goes to Angad and says to Angad that the lady who admitted Simran wants to meet them. Angad agrees.

The nurse later comes out and says Angad Singh Brar is waiting for her. The nurse says the name of the patient is none other than Simran Kaur Brar. Sahiba recalls her past with Angad and Simran.

Sahiba spots Angad and the police coming out of Simran’s room. Sahiba leaves from there.

The police inspector says with Simran’s statement they can confirm that Daljeet has nothing to do with this case. Angad feels guilty for raising his hand at Daljeet. Angad asks The inspector for Daljeet’s address.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sahiba says to herself that she doesn’t want Angad to know the truth of Akir. Sahiba says to herself that she is going to do something about it.

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