Teri Meri Doriyaann 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Armindergill frames Sahiba for Daljeet’s murder

Teri Meri Doriyaann 3rd June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Angad saying to Sahiba that he believes she is innocent. Angad promises Sahiba that he will save her from this false allegation.

Harneet worries about Sahiba seeing her at that location. Armindergill slaps Harneet and asks Harneet if she is crying for Daljeet. Harneet says no. Armindergill says he knows Daljeet is her illegitimate son and comments on her. Armindergill says if the Brar’s know that Daljeet is her illegitimate son and she conspired against the Brar’s then the Brar’s would never agree to this wedding. Harneet says she only did all of this for her son but she never knew that Sahiba would have killed Daljeet. Armindergill and Harneet stop their conversation seeing Amu.

Akir misses his mother Sahiba. Akir thinks where is his mother Sahiba. Simran shows their parents photo in her locket to Akir and says she lost both of her parents and she stayed in the orphanage for some time.

Angad comes to Akir and asks Akir if he can feed him. Akir says no. Akir lashes out at Angad saying he refuse to believe that Angad is his father. Akir says only Daljeet is his father. Akir asks Angad where is Sahiba. Angad vows to bring Sahiba pretty soon but Akir doesn’t believe Angad and leaves from there.

Harneet says to Armindergill that Sahiba might know that she is mother of Daljeet.

Angad talks to Sahiba in the police station about Akir. Angad gets a call from the cops saying they found something weird at the crime scene. Sahiba recalls Daljeet was calling someone mother at the crime scene but she wasn’t able to see her face. Sahiba says to Angad about it. Angad thinks this is how Daljeet got rich overnight.

Angad and Garry come to the crime scene and the cops show to Angad that they found another bullet shell casing. Angad thinks this bullet was fired from another gun at the same time as Sahiba that’s why no one heard the sound of the gun. Angad thinks who could have fired the gun.

It is shown Armindergill replaces Sahiba’s gun with the gun that killed Daljeet. Armindergill tries to take the gun away but he runs into the cops and he comes to crime scene the next time gets Sahiba’s gun and leaves from there.

Armindergill calls someone and asks them to kill Sahiba in the Lock up. Angad thinks how to get bail for Sahiba. Angad decides to stay the same way as Sahiba.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sahiba and Angad make marriage vows to each other.

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