Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th June 2024 Written Update: Sahiba gets rescued by Angad

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The episode starts with Sahiba praying to God for Akir’s well being. Armindergill’s men reach the police station. Armindergill asks his men to make sure Sahiba is dead. Armindergill’s men enter the police station as people who serve food to the prisoners. Armindergill’s men serve food to Sahiba and her inmates.

Armindergill’s man signals Sahiba’s inmate. Sahiba’s inmate takes the wire from the food and she also reads the note in the plate served. Sahiba doesn’t eat food.

The police inspector says to Sahiba that she can allow her to meet her son in her cabin if Sahiba would like it. Sahiba says she doesn’t want Akir to see her in this situation.

Akir cries to himself thinking about his mother. Angad asks Akir if he can put him to sleep. Akir says no and asks Angad to stay away from him.

Angad sits right outside Akir’s room. Jabjyot after hearing about what happened says to Angad that she will put Akir to sleep.

Jabjyot comes to Akir and asks Akir if she can put him to sleep. Akir says he wants to go to her mother. Jabjyot says to Akir that he will go into the dreams and he can meet Sahiba there. Akir agrees and hears Jabjyot’s lullaby.

Angad dreams of someone chasing Sahiba and stabbing her. Angad wakes up and worries about Sahiba.

Angad leaves to the police station. Sahiba’s inmate sees Sahiba is sleeping and she chokes her with the wire. Angad pleads the cops to allow him to see Sahiba. The cops don’t agree. Sahiba loses consciousness. Angad barges into the police station to see Sahiba.

Angad finds Sahiba unconscious in her cell. Angad comes into the cell and tries to wake up Sahiba. Sahiba wakes up after a while and reveals that her inmate tried to kill her. Sahiba’s inmate says Sahiba tried to commit suicide and she is throwing the blame in her. Angad says to the cops that he will take Sahiba away from here as it is not safe for Sahiba here. The cops say to Angad that they will shift Sahiba to another cell where she will be alone.

The cops shift Sahiba to another cell. Angad says to Sahiba that he will ask the lawyer to fast track her bail and asks Sahiba not to worry. Angad assures Sahiba that this will be last day that she will stay in the police station.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Angad and Sahiba take their marriage vows.

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