Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th January 2023 Written Update: Angad makes Akaal win the competition

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The episode starts with Santosh saying to Seerat that they are visiting Brar’s house as they have 3 young and handsome sons if one of them looks at you just once then they won’t be able to take their eyes off you and now we have to get two passes for it. Seerat feels excited. On another side, Brar’s competition gets started. Akaal takes Angad’s help to set the cloth.

Then competitors wear turban fastly. Kiara says the time is up. Bebe judges everyone turban’s. Akaal says this time to he will win. Bebe says the first time you’re going to get defeated as Angad won’t it better than you. Akaal feels bad. Angad notices it and removes his backside string to make him win. Veer notices it. Bebe is about to present a gift to Angad. Jasleen stops him and points Angad’s turban is not set completely. Bebe says in that case Akaal won this time too.

Angad congratulates his grandfather. Akaal tells Angad how much he makes him proud. He says his grandson is fulfilling the duties of his son. Manveer feels bad. Angad asks Manveer to not feel bad and tells her that he will talk to Inder. He leaves. Kirara says don’t know how Angad accepted defeat. Gurleen says wishes he agrees to marry this easily as he is rejecting everyone. Bebe says he can’t escape from the girl who God sent for him.

Santosh on call scolds Ballu for not arranging passes for them. Ballu cuts the call. Santosh complains to her mother about how her nephew cut the call. Dadi says my son left me when I needed then what to tell about them. Sahiba assures her she has them.

Angad asks workers to place Chandelier at the place where Akaal stands. Workers agree. Angad asks decorators to decorate the flowers around it. They leave. Veer says nice flowers, how they came here. Angad says he ordered from London. Veer says I know you went to receive some parcel. Angad asks how he knows. Veer says I know everything about how you lose intentionally. Angad asks Veer to not talk loudly. Veer says you want to win then why you did it. Angad says his win is making their grandfather proud.

Veer asks him to not become sentimental and asks him how the decorations are going. Angad says let’s see. Jaspal opens the box Angad received and notices a diamond. He asks how many carats. Angad says 17.6. Jaspal asks how much it cost. Angad asks him to guess it. Jaspal says 3 cr. Angad says it’s 25 cr which I ordered from Belgium and for this I arranged Chandelier for it. Jaspal praises him. Angad says the language that everyone understands is that of money, everything comes for a price, and one who realises this is the wisest of all.

Akaal comes there with Bebe and asks why they are there. Veer says Angad ordered that no one can see decorations until he sees it. Angad tells Jaspal that he is tense and what about if he doesn’t like it. Jaspal says it’s perfect like you so don’t get tense. Seerat says to Santosh her friends don’t have any connection with Brar. Sahiba asks why do you need to go there? ‘The rich are happy in their world and we are happy in ours. Seerat says they don’t have anything.

Sahiba says they will make them proud one day. Santosh applies Multani matti to Seerat. Santosh asks Sahiba to do something. Sahiba asks how can she do it. Santosh says you can do it so don’t refuse me. Sahiba says she will try. Seerat says even if we get passes what will I wear. Sahiba gives her money. Seerat returns it saying it’s not enough. Sahiba gives that money to Santosh and goes with her decorated pot. Santosh thinks Sahiba is the mother of the house.

Akaal asks if the decorations are done. Angad says it’s done. Garry comes there. Jaspal mocks him for coming late. Garry tries to say. Akaal asks where he went from the morning. Angad saves him. He takes Akaal and others with him to show the decorations. Everyone gets impressed with the decorations. Bebe says it’s looking like heaven. Jasleen and Garry say the decorations are over. Angad waits for Akaal’s response. He asks Akaal if he likes it or not. Akaal says he is not happy with modern decorations and tells he wants traditional Punjab decorations.

.Angad apologises to him. Akaal asks Veer to show last time photo to Angad. Akaal shows natural decorations and rangoli. Jasleen sends some photos to Garry. She says Garry may do this better and asks him to show the decorations he chooses. Garry shows to Akaal. Jasleen says this time phaat may not happen. Nikky asks won’t he get prasad. Angad says it will happen. He promises Akaal to change everything in 3 hours. Veer asks where they can get artist. Decorators tell Angad the location where he can artist. Angad reaches to the place. Sahiba also steps down from auto. Angad opens his car door and breaks Sahiba’s pot. Sahiba gets angry with him. Voice over says as our story will begin with this meeting of Sahiba and Angad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Angad gives money to Sahiba for her loss. Sahiba says money won’t work everywhere. Angad says money works everywhere. Sahiba says pray God that you won’t ever have any work with me. Veer and Angad reach the shop which belongs to Sahiba. They ask her to decorate their house. Sahiba asks them for 2 entry pass to do their work.

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