Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th June 2024 Written Update: Angad gets abducted

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The episode starts with Angad talking with lawyer over the phone that Sahiba’s bail hearing needs to be tomorrow as Sahiba was attacked in the police station. Aramindergill’s men overhears Angad talking over the phone with his lawyer.

Aramindergill’s men informs Aramindergill that Angad is trying to get Sahiba out of jail as soon as possible and he also learns that Angad saved Sahiba in the police station. Aramindergill asks his men to go underground and he will think of a way. Angad interrupts Aramindergill and asks him who is he talking to over the phone. Aramindergill makes up a reason and says to Angad that he is talking about Amu. Angad comments on it.

Angad and Garry talk about somone attacking Sahiba in the police station and thinks the attack on Sahiba is related to Daljeet’s death. Angad decides to find out who is Daljeet’s mother.

Angad sneaks into Daljeet’s house and searches in Daljeet’s house to find out the truth. Angad finds Daljeet’s house papers and he notices Harneet’s name in the papers . Angad thinks what is the connection in between Harneet and Daljeet. Angad suspects that Harneet is Daljeet’s mother.

Angad notices that Aramindergill sneaking into Daljeet’s house. Angad confirms his suspicion by seeing Aramindergill in Daljeet’s mansion.

Angad confronts Aramindergill what is he doing here and why was Harneet helping Daljeet. Aramindergill says Harneet only helped Daljeet for Amu so that Sahiba will be out of his life and Amu’s line will be clear. Angad asks Aramindergill if Harneet was Daljeet’s mother. Aramindergill stays silent. Angad understands he is the ones who attacked Daljeet and framed Sahiba. Aramindergill asks Angad why is he thinking so much about Sahiba. Angad says Sahiba is the mother of his son. Amu hits Angad with a stick and says to Angad that Sahiba and he has no relationship and says he only belongs to her. Amu says she will kill him if he doesn’t belong to her.

Angad argues with Amu and asks Amu why did she kill Daljeet. It is shown Amu learns Daljeet is Harneet’s illegitimate son and Amu shoots Daljeet.

Amu says to Angad that Daljeet is Harneet’s illegitimate son and he is going to take Harneet’s love from her that’s why she killed him. Angad says now he will take her court and prove Sahiba’s innocence. Aramindergill hearing thinks knocks out Angad and decides to kill Angad as he knows too much.

The next day, Manveer worries about Angad. The lawyer calls Garry and informs Garry that Angad’s phone is switched off and he is not able to reach Angad and says he got a date for Sahiba’s bail hearing today. Garry worries about Angad hearing it.

Aramindergill and Amu are shown to have Angad tied up to a chair.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Angad and Sahiba take their marriage vows. Sahiba fears they will be seperated again and Angad vows he will not leave her this time.

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