Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th June 2024 Written Update: Aramindergill shoots Sahiba

Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sahiba is shown to be taken in the police car by the cops to the court. The lady constable asks Sahiba if Angad is the one who is following them in this van. The lady constable says to Sahiba that Angad might try to get her out of jail but it is impossible. A truck hits the police car from the back. The police car due to it hits the tree. All the cops lose consciousness. The goons come out of the van and abduct Sahiba. The police inspector regains consciousness and sees Sahiba being taken away by Goons.

Sahiba is shown to be tied up beside Angad. Sahiba asks Angad to wake up. Amu comes to Sahiba. Angad wakes up and asks Sahiba how did she get injured. Amu sees Angad’s care for Sahiba in his eyes and comments on Angad. Angad later reveals to Sahiba that Amu is the one who killed Daljeet. Sahiba asks Angad why would Amu do it. Angad says to Sahiba that Daljeet’s mother is none other than Harneet. Amu says Harneet lied to both her and her father so she killed Daljeet. Angad comments on Amu and Aramindergill.

Garry comes to the police inspector and learns that Sahiba has been abducted by someone. Garry worries about Sahiba hearing it.

Aramindergill puts bombs around Angad and Sahiba. Sahiba asks Amu to leave Angad and says once she dies she will not come in between them. Angad says to Sahiba that he will never be with Amu. Aramindergill says to Sahiba that both of them know too much about his family so they need to die. Aramindergill and Amu leave from there. Aramindergill accidentally drops a bottle before leaving and it breaks.

Sahiba says to Angad that he saved her a lot of times but she doesn’t think they will both survive this time. Angad assures Sahiba that this time also he will save Sahiba. Sahiba says to Angad that when he asked her to leave 6 years ago she was mad at him but she never stopped loving him. Sahiba says to Angad she still loves him. Angad also says to Sahiba that he only said yes to Amanpreet thinking she moved forward in her life but the truth is that he also loves her only.

Angad sees the glass shards on the floor and tries to get to them. Amu seeing Angad’s struggle to save Sahiba wishes Angad loved her that much. Aramindergill asks Amu to control her emotions.

Angad uses the glass shard and unties himself and he also unties Sahiba also. Sahiba sees Aramindergill is about to shoot Angad so she comes in between. Aramindergill shoots Sahiba in the chest. Sahiba loses consciousness.

Episode ends.

Precap:- the doctor says to Angad that Sahiba has no chance of survival as the bullet hit Sahiba right in the heart.

Sahiba says to Angad that she hopes that god will send another woman into his life. Angad says to Sahiba she can’t leave him. Sahiba leaves her last breath.

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