Teri Meri Doriyaann revamping

By Anil Merani: Teri Meri Doriyaann fans, the moment you’ve been eagerly anticipating is finally here. The veil of uncertainty that was shrouding your beloved Star Plus show has been lifted. The channel has decided to extend the show, sparking a wave of anticipation and hope. The entire story will be revamped, promising a fresh and thrilling journey.

It was a fact that Teri Meri Doriyaann had suffered a significant blow. The numbers had dropped a lot. The story had been exhausted, Any show’s success also depends on the supporting cast, which was not happening here,You can’t run a story only on the leads.

We may not know much about the post-revamp story layout, but one thing is certain-Himanshi will return with a new character. This exciting change not only gives the writer new material to work with, but also presents Himanshi with a brand new character to portray. We are optimistic that she will excel in this new role, just as she has in the past, bringing a fresh dynamic to the show. The new character is said to be a strong, independent woman who will challenge the existing dynamics and bring a new perspective to the show. 

But we hope that the off-air scare prompts her to reexamine her attitude towards work. She should realise that tantrum-throwing can be dangerous. Today, actors are let go at the drop of a hat. Eventually, actors warm up to the new faces as well.

I would request the writers to give more attention to the romance between the leads and avoid unnecessary triangles

I hope the revamp works for this show, which has a lot of value left. If the new story gets the audience’s love, it might return to its former glory

But if it fails, all bets would be off for the 1.1 number, which is simply untenable per Star Plus standards. The fact that the channel has just given the PH (Cockcrow & Shaika) a last chance to get things back to regular shows means that the channel mandrins also have faith in the show.

The massive popularity of the lead cast (Himanshi and  Vijyanedra Kumeria) has played an essential role in the above channel thinking, which should be exploited to the fullest in the coming days and weeks