Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th April 2021 Written Update: Seema cuts all ties with Mahi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Grandpa getting upset because of Mahi. Seema says Mahi shouldn’t have done this to her family. She hid the matter from them and ruined her family respect. Jogi tries to defend Mahi but Seema says she can’t expect anything from him as he is outsider. As Mahi being her daughter disappointed her. Seema cut all ties with Mahi and leaves with everyone. Jogi tries to convince Chopras’ but in vain. He promises Mahi that he will make things right. Whatever he did is for Mahi’s good only. Mahi lashes out at Jogi saying Jogi destroyed her life, if she was aware of the fact Jogi is going to separate her from her family she wouldnt have accepted Jogi’s friendship. Mahi says she is feeling ashamed that she took pheras with Jogi. Mahi says now she only hates Jogi. Mahi throws garland and leaves. Jogi gets disheartened.

Mahi tries to pacify her family but Seema pushes her saying Mahi lost the right to explain anything. Pappu smirks. Mahi cries badly. Seema tells she wants to leave right now as she doesn’t want see Mahi’s face.

Biji comes and asks Mahi where’s Jogi. Mahi ignores her and goes behind Seema. Jogi blames himself for messing up everything. He says I am really stupid. Biji notices Jogi and asks what happened. Jogi cries hugging her and reveals what all happened. Biji gets shocked to know that Jogi got married to Mahi. Jogi says he wanted to save Mahi but he messed up everything. Biji says its Matarani’s signal. It was in his destiny thats why he sat beside Mahi on mandap. Biji tells Jogi to fulfill his duty towards his wife. Biji says right now Mahi needs Jogi only. Jogi believes it or not its the truth that Mahi is Biji’s daughter in law. Jogi says noone will accept their marriage. It happened forcefully. Biji says the pheras, the rituals all are not fake. But those are real. Jogi can’t avoid those. He has to understand his responsibility instead of running away from this. Jogi becomes speechless.

Mahi goes to her house but Seema stops her from entering. She says Mahi has no relationship with her family members anymore. Seema says Mahi could have died instead of marrying Jogi. Mahi makes unsuccessful attempt to pacify but Seema tells her to leave. Mahi keeps on showing she hasn’t done anything wrong, why noone is believing her. Renu and Shalu also tell Mahi to stop her drama. They say they can’t trust Mahi anymore. Akash also refuses to trust Mahi saying noone should get a sister like her. Pappu closes the door and doesn’t let Mahi enter her house. Pappu starts his drama saying Chopras’ are really innocent but its their bad luck that they got Mahi as their daughter. Mahi knocks at the door.

The Episode ends.

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