Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 13th April 2021 Written Update: Tillu misbehaves with Mahi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 13th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Pappu calling Tillu and he says Mahi is alone outside. Tillu will harm her and the he will put the blame on Jogi. Mahi keeps knocking at the door. Tillu keeps hand on Mahi’s shoulder. He says to Mahi that he likes her. Tillu politely tells Mahi to go with him but Mahi refuses. Tillu then loses his calm and forces Mahi saying if she doesn’t agree he will forcefully take her. Pappu enjoys the scene. He says this is entertaining how Mahi is calling for help but her own family is ignoring her. Mahi keeps screaming for help. Mahi’s family members close their ears and refuse to listen to her. They turn on music. Tillu misbehaves with Mahi and Mahi tells him to stay away. Jogi then stops Tillu and beats him. Jogi says how dare Tillu touched his wife. Jogi puts dupatta on Mahi’s head. Jogi tells Tillu that he will always protect Mahi from every danger. Tillu talks ill about Mahi and says now Mahi is mine.

Tillu tells Jogi to leave else he will harm him. Jogi beats Tillu and Tillu takes out knife and tries to attack Jogi. Mahi again knocks at door and asks for help. Pappu raises the music volume saying he can’t hear Mahi’s scream anymore. Pappu thinks why Tillu couldn’t take Mahi with him yet. Jogi hits Tillu and bumps his head against wall. Tillu falls unconscious. Jogi Mahi look at each other. Tillu gets up and tries to attack Jogi from behind. Mahi shouts Jogi and Jogi saves himself and holds Tillu’s hand. Grandpa tells Dharampal to open the door hearing noise. Pappu stops him saying Mahi brings trouble only. Seema also supports Pappu.

Jogi tells Mahi that Tillu took Arjun’s place on mandap. Jogi tells Tillu to reveal his truth. Tillu puts blame on Jogi saying he only kidnapped Arjun. Mahi angrily looks at Jogi. Pappu checks through window whether Tillu kidnapped Mahi or not. Tillu starts drama and says to Chopras’ that Mahi and Jogi are hugging each other. They were only acting in front of all. They didn’t marry each other due to undeniable consequences. Chopras get upset even more.

Jogi beats Tillu and keeps asking him to tell the truth. But Tillu remains silent. Mahi stops Jogi from beating him. Pappu thinks Jogi always saves Mahi. Tillu disappears when Jogi was busy talking to Mahi. Jogi runs behind him but fails to catch him. Jogi tells Mahi to trust him but Mahi says he is noone to her. Mahi says why Jogi deceived her. Why he did drama of fake friendship. Mahi accuses Jogi saying her family hates her because of Jogi. Mahi says she won’t accept this marriage. She tells Jogi not to call her wife. Mahi starts running. Jogi runs behind her to stop her. One bike was about to hit Mahi. But Jogi pulls her. Jogi says has she gone mad? Mahi says she is really what to do and what not to do. Jogi says she will go to her in laws house. They are husband and wife and that’s the truth Mahi can’t ignore. Mahi says she doesn’t want to accept it. Jogi tries to convince her.

The Episode ends

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