Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 14th June 2021 Written Update: Jogi and Mahi get romantic

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Episode starts with Mahi getting shocked seeing the evidence. Shalu starts crying and says she was only holding the gun but didn’t press the trigger. She was angry with Mahi. Mahi asks then its Renu who shot her. Renu accepts her crime. Mahi stands shocked and gets disheartened. She says her sisters hate her so much that they even tried to kill her. Have they lost it? What was her fault? Though Shalu didn’t shoot her but she too held the gun. Mahi lashes out at her sisters and says I dont want such sisters in my life.

She feels sudden pain and Jogi holds her. He says she doesn’t need to take stress, he will handle them. Mahi again asks Shalu and Renu what went wrong. Jogi says if Mahi permits he can kill her sisters right now to punish them. Mahi says though her sisters started hating her but she won’t hate them. Jogi says how can Mahi forgive them so easily? Mahi says if I do the same what will be the difference between me and them. She adds I’ll forgive them again just the way I did always, later she blames Chanda and Pappu for every mishaps in her life. Pappu is responsible for everything. Chanda says they gave her proof and she is accusing them. Mahi says these things are not mere coincidence, why Pappu is around always when something wrong happens to her.

Chanda says if Mahi can’t see the truth it’s not their fault. Renu reveals Chanda only forced her to shoot Jogi but Mahi came in between. She had no intention to shoot Mahi. Chanda says Renu is not a kid that she will manipulate her to shoot someone. Pappu says Renu is lying. Mahi says she knows Pappu and Chanda are behind this. Mahi cuts all ties with Renu and Jogi gets annoyed. He says this punishment is nothing after what Renu did. Mahi says they will focus on their own marriage. He leaves upset. Mahi goes behind him to talk to her.

Chanda pushes Renu and insults her. She says how dare Renu tried to frame her. Shalu sees that and Pappu sends her inside. Renu gets furious and slaps Chanda. The latter gets shocked.

There Mahi tries to convince Jogi and Jogi pushes her away angrily. She gets hurt and Jogi realises his mistake and apologises to her. He says he didn’t want hurt her. Jogi says she didn’t take right decision by forgiving Renu. Mahi says Jogi is great and he protected her always from every danger. He even got married to her to save her from Arjun. Jogi says he got really scared when Mahi’s condition was critical. Renu did wrong and he will send her to jail. Mahi says her parents won’t be able to tolerate society’s taunt if Renu goes to jail. Jogi says Mahi always thinks about others.

Mahi says she wants to forget all these and wants to start a new life with Jogi. Jogi says Mahi is clever thats why she shifts his attention easily by talking romantically. Mahi says war is not the only solution to solve any problem. But they should forgive people and treat them with love. She kisses Jogi’s cheek and Jogi gets happy. Jogi gets romantic and tries to kiss Mahi but Mahi says not now, she is feeling weak. Jogi says Mahi is drama queen. He diverts her attention calling Rupa and kisses Mahi’s cheek. He runs away. Mahi gets shy.

Episode ends

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