Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 19th April 2021 Written Update: Jogi feeds food to Mahi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 19th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Jogi making Mahi understand that he is not wholly wrong. Something happens automatically. Mahi says to Jogi are you talking about love or marriage? Jogi says both. He tells Mahi that she is really special for him. She respects others and its impossible for him to not love Mahi who is this much pure hearted. Jogi says Mahi is really lovable. Mahi requests Jogi to leave her if he loves her so much. Jogi says where will you go? Your family won’t welcome you. And what if Tillu comes again to kidnap you? Jogi tells don’t hold grudges for me, I am not that bad. Mahi says if you want that, let me go.

Jogi says I can’t let you go, beat me if you want. Mahi feels helpless. Jogi tells Mahi to eat something. He says don’t take it out on food. Mahi refuses to eat. Jogi ties Mahi’s hands and tries to feed him forcefully. Mahi bites Jogi’s hand. Jogi then acts like he is going to hit Mahi. Mahi screams, and Jogi feeds the food to Mahi. Mahi recalls Seema’s words that disrespecting food is wrong. She eats but her hiccup starts. Jogi asks who is remembering you at late night.

Mahi says my mother. Seema other side misses Mahi. Jogi says if daughter refuses to have food, how can mother eat. Seema must be feeling hungry but Mahi is not eating. Mahi then agrees and eats food. She drinks water. Jogi shows his concern to Mahi. He then releases her hands. He helps Mahi to sit on bed. Mahi was again trying to run away but Jogi locks her again in the room. Mahi pleads please get me out of here.

Chanda tells about her excitement to Pappu. She says she is proud of Pappu as she is finally getting married to Arjun. Chanda says she doesnt want any more trouble in her wedding. Pappu says trouble will come somewhere else. Pappu calls Shalu and tries to cut his wrist with knife. Shalu gets shocked and asks what is he trying to do. Chanda also stops him. Pappu says Rai has made his life hell. He has canceled license of Pappu’s factory. Pappu tells I am suffering because of Mahi. Pappu says they have to leave Amritsar after selling all his properties here. As Rai can ruin everything, he is Minister. Pappu says Mahi is starting her new life happily but ruined her family’s reputation. He instigates Shalu to talk to Seema. Chanda asks Pappu what’s his plan. Pappu says tomorrow is first day of Mahi in her in laws house. He is just trying to add some drama. He explains his plan to Chanda. Chanda smirks.

Mahi says she is really alone today , she can’t share her pain to anybody except her grandpa. Mahi recalls how Grandpa gifted her grandma’s stuff. Mahi looks at Jogi’s photo angrily. She thinks she can’t get convinced with Jogi’s explanations. She says she can’t forgive Jogi for what he did.

The Episode ends

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