Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd July 2021 Written Update : Arjun insults Jogi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Mahi sharing her worries with Priya. She says she can’t upload Jogi’s video all the time but to secure his future Jogi has to make his position in the industry. But due to enmity with Arjun noone is ready to give him chance. Priya gives her strength. Mahi leaves saying she made excuse of delivering milk and met Priya.

Pappu checks all the decorations and Seema insists Pappu to invite her kitty party friends. Pappu permits her. He gets irked seeing many are getting crazy to attend the Jagrata to hear Jogi’s voice. Chanda says before becoming superstar Jogi will face downfall according to Arjun’s plan. Pappu plans something evil.

Rupa gets angry because of Mahi’s carelessness. She says Mahi is taking household responsibilities for granted and didn’t deliver the milk on time and they are losing customers because of her. Mahi apologises to her. Rupa says from today Mahi is free from all duties and she will handle everything. Rupa takes bullet keys from Mahi. Mahi gets disheartened.

Pappu’s family welcomes Jogi in grand way. Biji gets delighted seeing that and tells Rupa that she never imagined Pappu will treat Jogi in such a good manner. Rupa says Pappu’s extra sweetness is sign of upcoming danger. They should not be happy seeing his smiling face. Mahi hopes Arjun and Jogi should not come face to face. Arjun and Chanda observe everything through CCTV camera. Arjun says one producer rejected Jogi already.

Mahi tells Jogi that she knows he only came for her sake. Else he was not happy after he heard Arjun will be the guest. Jogi says she should not feel bad about it. Jogi starts singing for Jagrata. Everyone enjoys hearing his Bhajan. Pappu tells Shalu that Jogi’s voice is magical. He thinks Jogi will receive money for his performance and the real drama will start as he doesnt charge money for Jagrata.

Mahi seeks help from Matarani to secure Jogi’s future. Renu asks Seema why the latter didn’t stop her from getting married at a young age. Renu says she could have performed like Jogi. But she lost her dreams because of Dipak. Renu reveals she was frustrated to such extent that she shot Jogi. She realises she shouldn’t have said that. She gets relieved seeing Seema has left.

After finishing the performance Jogi receives praises. Akash says Jogi’s video crossed ten thousand views in a short time. Chanda asks Arjun if he wants to change his mind seeing Jogi’s performance. Arjun says it will be more fun to destroy Jogi after his huge success. Chanda smiles.

Mahi tells Jogi to leave. She thinks Jogi should not see Arjun. Akash takes autograph from Jogi. Arjun comes in the meantime and congratulates Jogi. Mahi gets shocked. Arjun says Jogi can become a top singer and he will be his producer. Arjun says he has forgotten previous insults but if Rai was alive he wouldn’t have forgiven Jogi for his act. Arjun says he respects Rai and for Rai’s principles he wants Jogi to apologise to Arjun. Jogi should plead him like a dog. Jogi gets angry and shouts at Arjun. Arjun suggests him that Jogi should apologise to him without throwing tantrums else there will be consequences. Jogi looks on.

Episode ends

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