Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th February 2021 Written Update: Pappu gets to know that Jogi is in love with Mahi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with everyone getting shock after hearing priest’s words. Mahi leaves from there. Jogi stops Mahi and says what happened to her? She has changed. She used to give befitting reply to others then why is she getting emotional right now? She has such a pretty face and this expression doesn’t suit her. Mahi says see how that priest is insulting my parents. I can’t see them like that. Jogi requests her with folded hands that he will make things right. Trust me.

Priest smirks and Pappu recalls how he gave 10 thousand rupees to priest and he told lie to everyone out of greed. Pappu starts his acting and says what was Mahi’s fault? That she is suffering so much. Now Rai too will also not accept this marriage. Pappu says Mahi will spend her whole life without getting love.

Jogi says you are doing drama. Jogi then says to everybody about priest’s tactics. He reveals his true colors how his assumptions are always proved wrong. What is Mahi’s fault and he tells he will give lot of money to priest so that he says good things about Mahi’s future.

Priest shows his greediness. Pappu interferes saying what nonsense is this? By giving money things will not change. He tries to throw Jogi out of the house. Rai stops him and says he wants to ask something to priest? Why priest told bad things about Mahi? Mahi’s grandpa reveals Rai has studied Astrology. He knows everything and Arjun Mahi are a perfect match. Their qualities match with each other. Does the priest want to get more money from them?

Jogi threatens Priest saying he should leave at once else his bad days will start. Seema starts shouting at the priest saying who sent him here? How dare he called Mahi ominous! Pappu says many relatives can be jealous of Mahi as she is going to marry a rich man. Maybe one of them sent this priest to say bad things. Mahi recalls how Pappu taunted her. Pappu scolds that priest and tells him to run and acts as if he couldnt catch him. Mahi asks Pappu which relative can do this?

Pappu avoids the topic saying forget about it. Rai praises Jogi’s bravery. Rai says the best muhrat for marriage is after three days. Jogi gets upset. Seema talks sweetly to Biji as well. Biji says he has fulfilled a friend’s duty. They leave. Mahi thinks she couldn’t even thank Jogi properly.

Bji tells Jogi he has sacrificed his love for Mahi’s happiness. Only a true lover can do this. He gave Mahi to someone else. Jogi gets emotional. Pappu hears it from the balcony and gets huge shock. He says how is it possible but anyways its enough to ruin Chopras.

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