Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Arjun’s men beat Jogi

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The episode starts with Rupa instigating Jogi against Mahi. She says Mahi will destroy his life and she is interested in Arjun as he is rich. Jogi receives a parcel which is for Mahi. Jogi unwraps it and everyone gets surprised seeing an expensive necklace. Rupa says that’s what Mahi wanted from the start now she is getting it. Mahi defends herself saying who really loves her and trusts her they will never doubt her intentions but who doesnt, they will demand explanations from Mahi. Mahi says she doesn’t want to give explanations to someone who is not ready to trust her. Mahi leaves upset. Rupa says its Mahi’s mistake only thats why she didn’t explain anything. Jogi says this time Mahi is right and she didn’t want to disrespect Rupa that’s why she left. Rupa failed to understand her. He says he is only supporting the right thing. He leaves. Rupa gets irked.

Mahi makes the bed and Jogi comes to his room. He tries to converse with Mahi but Mahi plays sad music. Jogi also plays happy songs to convince Mahi. Mahi again plays heart breaking songs. Biji assumes Jogi and Mahi are playing antakshari, she says lets see who wins. Jogi plays romantic song and Mahi remains upset. Biji stops Rupa from interfering between Jogi and Mahi’s personal issue. Mahi argues with Jogi saying if he trusts her then why he left the studio angrily. He doesn’t care about her emotions at all. He didn’t support her. Pappu and his family overhear Mahi and Jogi’s argument. Mahi locks herself in washroom and Jogi asks her why she went to meet Arjun, she made a huge mistake. Mahi comes out and says whatever she did is for Jogi so that he doesn’t beat Arjun one day because of Arjun’s dirty game plans. She was there to warn Arjun. Mahi says to Jogi if he agrees with her then he has to prove himself this time by becoming a star. He can’t back off. Jogi says he is tired of accepting challenges. He needs rest. Mahi says I want you to accept the challenge, I don’t care if you throw me out for that. Jogi says he won’t do that but he will keep eyes on Mahi so that she doesn’t take any wrong step. Mahi leaves. Chanda thinks Arjun’s plan is working.

Jogi stops Mahi from doing household work. Mahi gets irritated and Jogi says until she accepts his demand she can’t do work. Rupa taunts Mahi saying now she has everything as she became Arjun’s girlfriend. Jogi shuts Rupa up saying you know this is all lies then why are you blaming Mahi. Rupa and Biji are about to leave for milk delivery but another delivery boy comes and gives a parcel to Mahi. Rupa says if Arjun keeps sending gifts like this society will insult their family. Mahi takes her parcel and throws it away. Delivery boy says Arjun sent a cake too and he wants Mahi to eat the cake. Mahi throws away the cake and kicks out the delivery boy. Chanda comes and taunts Mahi saying she knows how to keep money and love both. She is using both Jogi and Arjun. Mahi shuts her mouth saying you should save your own relationship with Arjun instead of taunting me. Mahi again gets a parcel and she throws that away too.

Jogi sees everything and locks the door. Mahi pleads him to understand that its all Arjun’s plan to create misunderstanding between her and Jogi. Jogi should not let go off his dreams else Arjun will get more scopes to trouble them. Doorbell rings and Jogi says another gift from Arjun has come.

Mahi sees one person who says he wants Jogi’s signature for a music album. Mahi asks did Arjun send you. The person says he is here after hearing Jogi’s voice only. Mahi calls Jogi. Jogi says Arjun has sent him for sure. He tells him to get out but Mahi stops him. Some journalists come and start questioning Mahi regarding his affair with Arjun. They ask why Mahi is with Jogi if she loves Arjun. Jogi loses his calm and tries to attack those journalists but they threaten Jogi saying his act has been recorded. Jogi sends them away and Mahi tells him to calm down. Jogi leaves the house in anger. Rupa tells Mahi nothing should happen to Jogi else she won’t forgive her. Mahi requests Rupa not to interfere in her work. Rupa says you should pray for Jogi right now.

Jogi meets Arjun and is about to hit him but Arjun’s men beat Jogi black and blue. Jogi calls Arjun coward and Arjun calls him idiot. His men drop Jogi outside the Tabela in bad condition. Mahi gets shocked seeing Jogi in that state. Journalists ask Mahi did she tell Arjun to beat Jogi? How he got injured. Mahi throws away one mic and lashes out at them. She says they are vultures and shamelessly trying to make news on someone’s helplessness. Seema tells Akash to help Mahi. Mahi hugs Jogi and cries.

Rupa and Biji get shocked to see Jogi. They take Jogi inside. Mahi tells Rupa not to worry. Rupa says nothing can be alright because of Mahi. She insults Mahi and tells her to leave. Biji says no doctor is receiving calls.

Mahi drives car at full speed and a person called Rishi comes in front of her car. He asks for lift. Mahi says she can’t drop him due to some urgent work. Rishi replies he booked a taxi but it got cancelled so he will be late to attend the meeting if he books a new taxi. Mahi agrees and later she plays Jogi’s song in the car. Rishi likes his voice and gets surprised to know he is Mahi’s husband. He says Jogi will soon become a star singer also Mahi’s support will help him in doing so. Mahi says Rishi’s hard working personality is impressive and Jogi should learn it from him. Mahi drops Rishi at his destination and they shake hands together. Mahi wishes Rishi will succeed in his work. He leaves. Mahi thinks of teaching lesson to Arjun.

Episode ends

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