Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th August Written Update: Mahi thrashes Arjun

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The episode starts with Chanda asking Arjun what is he saying. She can’t understand anything. Arjun says he will use the love between Jogi and Mahi. He wants Jogi to doubt Mahi. Only then they will get separated. Seema and Renu come to Tabela to see Jogi but Rupa stops them and insults them and says she has no idea where Mahi is right now. Seema says she is here to see her for once. Biji requests Seema to leave as the situation is not okay. Rupa treats Jogi’s wound. Mahi goes to Arjun’s house and tries to attack him with sword. Arjun touches her hair and leers at her. Mahi injures him and beats him black and blue after that. She says a wife knows how to keep fast for her husband’s safety, she also knows how to remove evil eyes. She warns him to not hurt Jogi again else she will hurt him hundred times more. Arjun shouts due to pain and Mahi keeps thrashing him with different stuffs. She says whoever will try to harm her husband she won’t spare the person but will kill him/her.

Jogi watches news in his phone where different channels are making fun of Mahi and Arjun’s pictures. They are telling Mahi characterless who wants money from Arjun and even told him to beat her own husband. They give creepy headlines. Mahi explains to Jogi that she is being framed. She didn’t do anything wrong. Jogi says she doesn’t need to explain but he knows how she is. Jogi adds but Mahi shouldnt have gone to Arjun’s house once again. He notices Mahi’s wound and asks her why she thrashed Arjun, it was not needed. It won’t benefit them but their image will be at stake. Mahi says whoever will try to give pain to Jogi she will teach them lesson.

Seema asks Chanda how can she marry a cheap guy like Arjun. Pappu puts the blame on Mahi saying she is responsible for everything as she only went to meet Arjun. She angered Arjun. Akash takes stand for Mahi and shuts Pappu up. He says he can’t hear a word against Mahi now. Pappu says Akash is jobless and is dependent on him so he should not dare to speak against him. Akash says he got selected in cricket team, so he is leaving. He will only return back when he will become independent and earn money. Pappu gets happy seeing his exit. He asks Chanda why is she not happy. Chanda says we are trying our best but nothing is working. Pappu says Mahi’s stubbornness will break her marriage.

Jogi tries to make Mahi understand that she should not be adamant like that. Because of her stubbornness they are facing issues and his peace of mind is also gone. Rupa comes and and tells Jogi, Mahi won’t understand their situation, she is here only to destroy their lives. Rupa says why even Jogi made Mahi his friend, he shouldn’t have married her. He could have gotten far better wife than her. Biji tells Rupa to stop but Rupa says thats enough now. She can’t stand Mahi’s drama anymore. She invites a person and keeps it a suspense. She doesn’t reveal that guest’s name to Mahi. Rupa tells Mahi to wait for that person to come who is very close to Jogi. Mahi requests her to tell but in vain. Rupa leaves.

Episode ends

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