Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th March 2021 Written Update: Jogi falls into Chanda and Pappu’s trap

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Chanda asking Pappu for one way to separate Mahi and Arjun. Pappu gives her the envelope and tells her that Jogi’s one sided love will help us in doing so.

Rupa informs Jogi that they reached temple. She says is he okay? Jogi says yes. It was just two days love not long lost love. Rupa says your intentions are good and you loved her truly. I know you very well. Jogi gets upset. He talks to matarani that why you didn’t make me rich and a spoilt brat. I guess I would have gotten Mahi then. But its okay. Arjun is best for Mahi. He wants from Matarani that he should forget Mahi as soon as possible. Arjun here drinks alcohol and thinks after his threatening to Chanda no one can stop the marriage form happening.

Shalu shows one dressed up doll to Pappu. Chanda says my bhabi takes care of me a lot. They sent Shalu out. Chanda shows the pictures which Pappu took. She says these pictures are not enough to prove that Mahi and Jogi have something between them. In today’s generation men women get closer to each other more than this. Pappu thinks you are right. Now I have to arrange something bigger than this which will be shocking to others.

Mehendi function starts. Jogi looks at Mahi and gets happy seeing her happy face. Mahi feels thirsty and Jogi gives her drink and holds it carefully so that she can drink it. The designers say whose name will be written on Mahi’s hands? Its Arjun right? Jogi gets disheartened hearing Arjun’s name. Ladies insist Jogi to sing a song. Mahi says he is not even a bathroom singer, his cows will refuse to give milk after hearing his voice. Mahi says one of our locality boys sing beautifully. If he was here, my mehendi would be memorable. There’s peace in his voice. Jogi thinks that you will hear that voice only. Jogi says yes I will sing but Mahi stops him from singing. Jogi says you will forget that guy’s voice after hearing my song. Chanda gets ready with the plan. She sends a message to Pappu. Pappu gets surprised. Pappu then stops Jogi saying come and sit with us. Enjoy. What are you doing with women? Pappu mixes medicine in the drink and gives it to Jogi. Jogi says I don’t like drinking alcohol. Its not good for our health. Pappu says then drink soda. But Jogi refuses to drink it as well. Pappu says now how will they trick Jogi if he drinks none. Chanda then comes with lassi. She says they are tabela people. They love drinking lassi. Jogi drinks it. Pappu and Chanda get excited for the sangeet.

Dharampal announces that he never danced during his two daughters’ wedding. But today he will dance. Everyone starts dancing. Jogi at drunken state notices Mahi and loses his balance. Pappu and Chanda look at him. They say the game has started.

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