Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 7th April 2021 Written Update: Pappu puts the blame on both Mahi and Jogi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 7th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Pappu saying groom has come. Marriage ritual starts. Seema asks Renu what did she mix in the hawan ingredients. Renu says she didn’t do anything. Pappu offers money to priest and says he will finish the mantra as soon as possible. Arjun tries to enter but guard doesn’t allow him. Arjun says “I am the groom” Guard says then who is taking pheras inside? Groom and Bride start taking pheras. Grandpa explains the meaning of each pheras to Akash. Mahi recalls Arjun’s confession. Phera completes. Priest tells groom to apply vermilion on Mahi’s hairline and ties the Mangalsutra around her neck as well. Priest tells they are now husband and wife. Everyone claps. Arjun comes to stop the wedding. Rai asks if Arjun is there who is at Groom’s place? Mahi gets shocked. Pappu thinks now Tillu will show his face and Pappu will be the happiest. Mahi removes the sehera and gets shocked seeing Jogi behind the sehera. Mahi gets stunned seeing him.

FB is shown. While Tillu was trying to leave after hitting Jogi. Jogi attacked him and Tillu fell unconscious. Biji informed Jogi that Arjun escaped. Jogi said now there’s only one option left. Jogi wore the groom’s clothes and sit with Mahi. FB ends.

Seema asks whats happening here? Tell me . Mahi gets up and asks “what is all these Jogi?” She asks How come he is here and married her. Arjun says Jogi kidnapped me. Mahi asks Jogi is it true? Jogi says yes. Mahi gets heartbroken and cries. She says is this a joke for Jogi. What about her decision? Jogi goes towards her and says he tried his best to stop the marriage but failed. Mahi was ready to ruin her life. He couldn’t let her do so. Jogi was about to tell Arjun’s truth but Mahi signals him not to do it. Seema asks Jogi what is he trying to say regarding Arjun. Pappu thinks did Mahi say everything to Jogi about Chanda and Arjun? Jogi reveals Mahi was going to marry a wrong person? Someone else was there at Arjun’s place. Pappu thinks to cover up the matter. Jogi talks about fake groom. Pappu says what nonsense he is saying. Jogi says he has proof. He will show it to everyone. Pappu gets tensed. He thinks of stopping Jogi.

Jogi takes everyone with him in the room where he locked Tillu. Jogi says look at this guy, he was trying to marry Mahi. Mahi says there’s nobody. Pappu recalls how he called Chanda and she helped Tillu to escape from there. Pappu instigates everyone against Jogi. Jogi tells Mahi to trust him. He is not lying. Mahi says if there was someone else in groom’s get up why Jogi took his place. Jogi says how could he not stop this marriage when he knew that Mahi’s life will be ruined after that. Mahi says to Jogi that he is not God or destiny that he took decision for Mahi. Pappu takes advantage of the situation and starts blaming Jogi and Mahi. Pappu says Jogi and Mahi are acting only. They knowingly got married to each other and did all the drama to deceive everyone so that everyone consider them as innocent. Mahi and Jogi get shocked.

The Episode ends

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