Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th June 2021 Written Update: Rupa and Seema forget all their differences

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Episode starts with Pappu telling Mahi to leave but Mahi says she has something more to say, she thanks Rupa and Seema for guiding her. She gives them credit for her win. Mahi thanks Seema for saving her respect and for motivating her. There Shalu and Renu both try to shoot Jogi but they fail. Mahi gives ten lakh rupees to Seema and Rupa. Rupa tells what does Mahi want to prove?

She can’t share the prize money with Seema who left no chance to humiliate Rupa’s family and also sent them to jail. Later Rupa reveals she is feeling proud to be Mahi’s mother in law and Mahi has forced her to forget all the grudges. Seema should also feel proud to have a daughter like Mahi. Rupa says she got Mahi in her family who is the best wife for Jogi and best daughter in law too.

She doesn’t want the money but Mahi should give it to Seema as Chopras need it the most. Mahi hugs Rupa and she tells Rupa to give the money to Seema. Rupa says to Seema that she should feel lucky as she has daughter like Mahi. Seema feels guilty and hesitates to take the money from Mahi. She says she is shamefully taking money from her daughter, Seema adds she is not a good mother too. Mahi stops her and makes her feel good saying Seema is the reason for her win. Seema hugs Mahi. Mahi hugs both Seema and Rupa. Jogi teases Seema and she misunderstands him. Jogi clears her doubts and says noone can separate him from Mahi. Renu and Shalu again fail to shoot Jogi. Jogi returns Mahi’s wedding jewels to Seema.

Seema refuses to take it but Mahi says these jewels belong to Rai so he should get it back. Seema gets emotional. She addresses Jogi as son in law and Jogi gets overwhelmed to hear that. Jogi insists her to take the jewels. Seema then takes them from Mahi. Seema says Mahi is very lucky to have Jogi as her husband. Mahi says Jogi is more lucky to have me. Seema then gives her ancestral bangle to Mahi and blesses her. Pappu thinks why Jogi didn’t get shot yet. Renu gets jealous thinking why Seema always prioritize Mahi, and ignores Shalu and her.

Seema tells Jogi to take care of Mahi. She praises Mahi. Jogi and Seema talk to each other and Jogi hugs Seema. Shalu and Renu’s attempts again get failed. Pappu tells Seema that he is unimportant today for Seema. Seema says today Jogi deserves all the love. Pappu gets irked. Seema apologises to Rupa. Pappu gets annoyed once again seeing their love and wonders why noone is shooting Jogi. Shalu says how can Seema bless Mahi who is the reason of her sadness. Shalu says she will take revenge from Mahi today.
Jogi starts singing and Mahi gets surprised to hear the voice she loves the most. Mahi thinks means the singer is Jogi only.

Episode ends

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