Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th April 2021 Written Update : Jogi’s love confession shocks Mahi

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Episode starts with Chanda insulting Mahi. She says Mahi requested Rai saab as her family was facing crisis. Mahi wanted money from Rai so she became ready to marry Arjun but she only loves Jogi. Rai agrees with Chanda. He says Mahi asked him for help. Chanda says Mahi tricked Rai to get money and then she got married to Jogi. Pappu praises Rai.

Jogi says to Rai that he knows the truth. He should not hide it from everyone. Rai says his grandson is not characterless. He gave Arjun good upbringing. Jogi gets mad at Rai. Chanda stops Jogi saying he is behaving very rudely with Rai. Did he learn all these from Mahi? Grandpa and Seema ask Mahi why she deceived her family. She could have talked about her feelings for Jogi.

Seema says Jogi’s Biji hit me still Mahi wanted to marry Jogi? Jogi takes Mahi’s side that she sacrificed a lot for her family. She even agreed to marry Arjun. Mahi says Jogi is outsider and he has no right to interfere in her family matter. She shuts him. Jogi gets shocked. Mahi says she trusts her family that they will trust their daughter.

Pappu taunts Mahi saying Jogi is her partner in crime. Pappu keeps saying Jogi and Mahi love each other. Mahi shuts Pappu. Mahi says what Jogi said is true. Chanda and Arjun love each other. Rai’s silence also indicates that he knows Arjun’s truth. Mahi says the biggest truth is Jogi is just my friend. He doesnt love me. Pappu brings Geeta and tells Jogi to swear on Geeta that he doesnt love Mahi.

Jogi lies that he doesn’t love Mahi. Pappu brings Matarani idol as well. Jogi swears on Matarani and lies again. Pappu gets surprised and then he tells Jogi to swear on Mahi. Jogi finds it difficult to do it. He keeps his hand on Mahi’s head and finally says the truth that he loves Mahi truly. Jogi says he can’t swear on Mahi falsely. Mahi stands shocked. Jogi says he can even sacrifice his life for Mahi. He can’t tolerate if something wrong happens to Mahi. Pappu says the truth is out. Jogi did all these knowingly to get Mahi.

Mahi says Jogi disappointed her a lot today. She calls him cheater. Mahi says Jogi proved her wrong in front of all. He proved that a girl and a boy can never be friends. Grandpa slaps Mahi and says Mahi deceived her family. They shouldn’t have given Mahi freedom. Seema also misunderstands Mahi. Shalu feels disgusted that she took stand for Mahi.

Akash says he will return all the money to Mahi which she gave him for his coaching and cricket. He says Mahi hurt everyone, she doesn’t need her favor. Rai tells Mahi’s family to stop their drama. He says Mahi’s family made plan to do all these. They sold their daughter. Arjun says he will take revenge of his insult. Rai Arjun leave. Jogi stands shocked. Mahi gets emotional. Chanda smirks.

The Episode ends

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