Thapki Pyaar Ki 2: Veena devi to end their relationship with Thapki?

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Colors TV popular show Thapki Pyaar ki 2 is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline, Family members blame Thapki for Sargam’s condition and this track has glued the audience to screens.


As reported earlier it’s shown, Veena devi asks Thapki to tell the truth in short by swearing on her Mom. Thapki tells Sargam is pregnant and she is not pregnant. Veena blames Thapki and tries to slap her but Purab stops her and makes her slap him saying he knows about her fake pregnancy and supported her. Vinod asks why he supported her. Purab says I thought there will be some reason but didn’t expect Sargam is pregnant. Thapki tells Hansika is behind Sargam’s condition. Hansika comes there in a wheelchair with her mother and tells Thapki is lying. Doctor comes out with Hansika’s reports and Hansika can’t walk without wheel chair support as her never got compressed. Hansika cries. Thapki says Hansika is acting. Veena warns to punish her if she said anything against Hansika. Doctor comes out and says Sargam lost her baby due to a miscarriage and she fell into a coma because of her complications in pregnancy and Thapki signed the consent form to continue this complicated pregnancy. Thapki tells them she is not aware of complications. 

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness that Purab will read Sargam’s diary where she had written that Thapki was aware of her pregnancy complication and asked her to continue. Thapki will tell him that she was not aware. Hansika smirks and recalls how she changed the matter in the diary. Veena Devi will end their relationship with Thapki then Jaya will take Thapki with her.

Will Thapki prove her innocence? Can Sargam save Thapki?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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