Thapki Pyar Ki 2 15th January 2022 Written Update: Thapki confronts Purab about his promise to Jaya

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 15th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Purab asking Surya bhagawan to bless him so that he can bring happiness on Thapki’s face. Dadi asks them to fly the kites. Purab says no one can beat him. Hansika agrees. Dadi says Thapki can cut his kite. Purab says it won’t happen as it’s the work of boys. Men and women divide in teams. Thapki prepares her kite. Purab asks Thapki to take his help as he is an expert on kites but Thapki says she is not dependent on him like he is thinking and takes kite from his hand but her finger gets injured because of thread and bleeds. Purab feels worried for her and sucks her finger. Bol na song plays in the background. Purab ties handkerchief to her finger. Thapki looks lost in his care.

Purab says I know you’re self dependant but sometimes you have to take help and he sets her kite then says you have to fly it as I won’t help there and he leaves. Kites competition gets started. Dadi cheers for Thapki. Anshul and Preeti comes there and takes blessings of Dadi and she says where is Jaya and their Dad. Anshul says they didn’t came as Jaya had surgery in the last month and needs rest then he joins Sargam but Purab asks him to come to their team. Preeti winks at Sagar. Priyanka says they will cut the sugar kite. Sargam cuts the thread of Purab. He says it’s cheating. Thapki asks Sargam to hold her kite then she helps Purab. Hansika brings H loves P kite which means Hansika loves Purab and she plans to cut Thapki’s kite. Priyanka asks why she is cheating. Hansika says she always helps Purab. Dadi says kites of Thapki and Purab are united. Hansika plans to cut Thapki one but someone cuts her kite and it falls near Thapki. Hansika feels tense thinking what if someone reads the matter on kite.

Veena about to take Hansika kite but Dadi stops her and asks her to enjoy the game. Kite flies near Thapki and she reads the matter on it. Hansika stands shocked. Thapki asks what’s it. Hansika picks the T letter and says it’s Thapki loves and Purab as I know you’re always together. Purab says our relationship is tied like these kites. Sargam says it’s about to tie. Anshul asks them to being their kites down so they can arrange rematch. They brings them down. Sargam and Anshul separates them then the competition again get started. Purab thinks seems like Thapki is scared to lose that’s why tensed and he promises Thapki that he won’t let her lose. Thapki thinks she don’t need his help anymore and leaves her kites. Everyone gets shocked. Purab thinks matter is serious.

Purab sees Thapki in tears and he says I know matter is not about Mukul uncle so tell me what the matter as I have right to know. Thapki asks what right? You’re just fulfilling your promise to my Mom and you didn’t accepted our relationship with heart.

Episode ends.

Precap – Thapki leaves from Purab house and He searches for her.

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