Thapki Pyar Ki 2 23rd January 2022 Written Update: Hansika makes Thapki unconscious

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 23rd January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Thapki asking Purab to sit in pooja with her for Dadi. Purab tells her he will sit in the pooja as her husband, not as the father of the baby. The next day Purab comes downstairs then Dadi asks him where is his wife. Purab says here only and asks her to tell what she needs. Dadi shows him the Mangalsutra she prepared for Thapki. Sapna and Priyanka think it’s expensive. Dadi asks him to make Thapki wear it when she is coming to the pooja. Purab asks why this pooja is important. Dadi explains to him how Shiv waited for Parvati for 1000 years and then he married Parvati and first, you have to sit in pooja then Thapki will join you. Sapna says that mangalsutra will be yours if you became pregnant but you lost it. Dadi comes to them and asks them to decorate the house for pooja. Jaya makes Thapki gets ready and she asks Thapki if her differences with Purab are resolved. Thapki agrees. Purab comes there. Jaya says you’re becoming parents so it’s not good to have differences then he sees Purab and tells h it’s not good to listen to their conversation. Purab says he didn’t want to disturb them. Jaya leaves the room asking him to do the shringaar he has to do.

Purab locks the door then he makes her wear bangles, Payal, flowers. Thapki says I just wanted some time and will reveal the truth to you. Purab says I’m controlling my mind saying it but my heart is worried thinking our families member’s hearts get broken knowing reality. Sapna and Priyanka see two men entering inside with a basket then Priyanka asks them the names of them Hansika says these are the men I hired for decorations and she sends the inside. Priyanka and Sapna asks if she accepted her defeat. Hansika asks them to do their work and leaves. Sapna says she is planning something big. Priyanka says Hansika won’t get successful. Sapna says like you’re not getting successful to become pregnant.

Hansika stops her men and tells next step is to make Thapki alone. Thapki tries to help Purab but he denies it. Thapki says you helped me in getting ready then she helps her to make him wear his dhoti. Hansika comes there and asks if they are ready. Purab says almost them he removes Thapki mangalsutra and makes her wear the new one. Hansika gets angry and thinks she will sit in the pooja wearing that mangalsutra then she tells Purab that he can see Thapki after Pooja as she will join him in Ghoonghat. Purab leaves. Sargam apologizes to the baby and cries for not being able to get the baby what she deserves then she feels pain in her stomach. Purab notices her state and asks her what happened and he tries to call Doctor but she stops him saying she is fine as it’s just acidity and sends him for pooja.

Hansika praises Thapki’s look then says we can call each other sisters without any awkwardness right. Thapki nods yes then Hansika covers her face in Ghoonghat and tells her she has to remove it after Pooja only and makes her sit in the bed saying she will call when she needed in pooja. Hansika goes out and calls her men to come. They come then she sends them to Thapki’s room. Sargam calls Thapki thinking she may help her. Hansika’s men stop Thapki from attending the phone and they try to make her unconscious but Thapki fights with them and tries to run from the room but Hansika makes her inebriated and snatches the mangalsutra from her saying it’s time for her to take her position.

Episode ends.

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