Thapki Pyar Ki 2 26th November 2021 Written Update: Veena plans to start her game against Hansika and Thapki

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 26th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hansika says previously too I defeated you and this time also it will repeat and Purab will be mine and even if I didn’t win than also it’s your defeat as you got Stammering girl Thapki as Bahu. Veena leaves. Purab and Thapki attends the meeting where Purab tells to employees that Thapki is his secretary at office not wife. They tells her good morning. Thapki asks them for introduction as she don’t know their names. Purab says work speaks not names and than they starts the meeting and asks her to take notes of meeting and he asks Thapki to take care of hampers than he sends everyone except Account and he asks how much Salary she is expecting. Thapki says it’s my first job so you decide According to position.

Accountant sayd 30k and Thapki can’t talk because of her stammering than Accountant says 40k is final and asks her to sign the contract. Thapki agrees. Purab says she is smart to get good amount. Thapki says sometimes, her Stammering problem helps her. Purab asks her to call him sir in office. Thapki agrees.

Anjali asks Hansika, what’s the progress of their plan. Hansika says he is at office. Anjali asks her to go to office with Purab to spend more time. Hansika says, tonight I’m planning to make Purab realises that I’m suitable to him not Thapki so leave about it and tell how’s Dad and she gets shocked seeing Priyanka. Priyanka says you came here saying you fought with your Mom but here you’re talking with her. Hansika says she is mistaken. Priyanka takes the phone and sees it’s Mon. Hansika says it’s Monty and their are issues in my family which I don’t want to discuss. Priyanka says fine and leaves. Hansika thinks how she changed her Mom name to Mon.

Rohit comes to hotel and he proposes Sargam. Anshul signs her to not believe him but Sargam agrees to Rohit proposal and he makes her wear Cucumber ring than signs Anshul to leave. Veena recalls Hansika words. Dadi comes to her and asks her to share her problem with her so she can celebrate her birthday peacefully. Veena says I’m celebrating it for outsiders as they thinks so much high about me but thry didn’t know I’m losing my son. Dadi asks her to see her win in Purab success. Veena asks why can’t he see his win in my success and it became a game so I will play with my moves. Dadi looks worried.

Purab and Thapki returns to home and he says he is hungry. Thapki says she will prepare something for him. Purab says he likes Pizaa than she goes to prepare it. Hansika sits with Purab and talks with him about their college days and friends. Purab says we are just good friends. Hansika asks what’s Thapki favourite colour. Thapki prepares pizza and she adds spices and pickle to make it yummy. Hansika asks what’s Thapki favourite food. Thapki asks Purab to taste it. Hansika says yeww, it’s better to order food from outside as it looks unhygienic.

Purab says he is hungry and tastes it and he loves the taste. Priyanka and Sapna notices who’s winning over eachother. Purab asks Hansika to taste it. Hansika removes pickle and Masala. Purab finishes his piece than Thapki offers him another piece and Hansika too asks him to have her piece as she removed pickle and Masala. Priyanka says Hansika may win. Purab choose to eat Pickle one and she goes to get another piece to him. Purab praises Desi food prepared by Thapki. Hansika thinks how to get Purab before he gets attracted to Thapki.

Dadi and Sargam comes to kitchen and tells to Thapki that Veena didn’t had food as her Mood is off. Thapki says only Purab can make her have it. Dadi says Purab won’t go than Thapki asks Dadi to send Purab near Veena ji and I have an idea for their patch up. Dadi acts like she is having backpain and she sends Purab to get leaf from garden. Purab goes and notices Veena is busy on call and he takes the leaf which he needs. Dadi asks worker ti start her drama than she stated scolding her son. Veena asks what happened? Don’t scold him as he may did to gain your attention so try to give him more time. Dadi and Thapki smiles.

Veena says I may give it you, why didn’t you asked me. Purab says you were busy. Veena says it’s not important than him. Dadi says we can end issues if we talk with eachother so implement it and tomorrow is Veena birthday so I don’t want any differences between you guys so hug eachother. They hug eachother. Purab asks if she wants to talk about Hansika. Veena says no, leave it and thinks she will handle Hansika and Thapki in her way.

Episode ends.

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