Thapki Pyar Ki 2 4th February 2022 Written Update: Thapki fails to prove Hansika crimes

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 4th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Purab and his family members bringing Sargam to the hospital. Anjali also joins Hansika in hospital. Sapna and Priyanka says Sargam is pregnant then what about you and we don’t feel you’re pregnant. Thapki says Dadi then Veena stops her and asks her to tell the truth in short by swearing on her Mom. Thapki tells Sargam is pregnant and she is not pregnant. Dadi and others asks how can she lie to them.

Veena says did you see Amma, how did she betray us. Jaya questions why she lied to everyone. Thapki says she coudnt reveal it as it’s baby of. Vinod and others asks who’s baby it’s. Thapki says it’s Rohit’s baby which shocks everyone. Sagar questions why she hid this matter from them. Thapki recalls Purab’s anger on Rohit. Purab says how she thought that he didn’t support his sister when she is his life.

Thapki tries to tell Sargam took a promise from her but she can’t talk because of her Stammering problem. Veena blames Thapki and tries to slap her but Purab stops her and makes her slap him saying he knows about her fake pregnancy and supported her. Vinod asks why he supported her. Purab says I thought there will be some reason but didn’t expect Sargam is pregnant. Thapki tells she thought to tell him the truth post rituals. Purab pushes her saying she may reveal in front of the family if she cares for her and not him to support her lies.

Thapki asks everyone to believe her but noone responds. Veena asks Jaya if she gave these kinds of values to her daughter? I told everyone that she is not correct but no one listen and you wanted to take revenge on me that’s why you make my daughter stand on the point like your Mom. Thapki tells someone make Sargam fell intentionally and sorry for hiding it from everyone but Hansika is responsible for Sargam’s state.

Hansika comes there in wheelchair with her mother. Thapki tells Hansika that she will expose her. Hansika takes knife and asks her to kill her as it’s better than these accusations and she questions why she is accusing her of her mistakes. Anjali says Hansika told me how you tortured her in that house and my daughter came here as she cares for Sargam and her family. Hansika says Dad did mistake then why you’re punishing me. Thapki asks her to stop her drama.

Doctor comes out with Hansika’s reports. Anjali asks him to tell about reports. Doctor says Hansika can’t walk without wheel chair support as her never got compressed. Hansika cries and asks won’t she get treated. Doctor leaves saying time will answer. Thapki says she is acting. Purab questions how can she be so insensitive. Anjali and Hansika smiles seeing eachother. Thapki says Hansika is acting. Veena warms to punish her if she said anything against Hansika.

They run seeing Doctor taking Sargam and asks Doctor what happened. Doctor says Sargam lost her baby due to a miscarriage and she fell into a coma because of her complications in pregnancy. Everyone gets shocked.

Veena breaks down in tears. Doctor tells Thapki that I warned you before itself about her complications. Purab asks if she knows about her complications. Thapki says she doesn’t know. Doctor says I told about complications and advised to terminate pregnancy but Thapki signed the consent form to continue the pregnancy and he shows them papers. Thapki recalls how Sargam took a sign of her while she is speaking to Purab on call. Thapki tries to tell what happened but they asks her to stop her lies and excuses. Thapki asks them to trust her. Purab says your lies are reason for my sister’s state.

Episode ends.

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