Thapki Pyar Ki 2 6th February 2022 Written Update: Thapki finds Purab loves her

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 6th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veena and Purab bringing Hansika to their house. Hansika tells them she will go with her mother as she doesn’t want to become a burden on them. Veena says you saved my daughter so it’s our responsibility. Hansika thinks perfect scene as Thapki out and I’m in. They gets shocked seeing Thapki inside the house. Priyanka worries for her followers. Sagar asks her to think about Sargam who fell into a coma. Priyanka says why God stopped making good people like Sagar. Sapna thinks she may slap him if he is not her son and she asks Priyanka to get her tea. Priyanka leaves. Sapna asks Sagar if he still has affair with Preeti. Sagar says no. Priyanka asks if he has any physical intimacy with Preeti. Sagar says no. Sapna warns to beat him if Preeti becomes pregnant. Priyanka comes there and asks whose pregnancy she is talking about. Sapna tells she is talking about her pregnancy and asks them to plan kids. Priyanka smiles.

Veena questions Thapki why she returned to their place. Thapki goes to Purab and asks if she will not get a chance to prove her innocence, as he had once said that every accused will get a chance once to prove his innocence. Hansika thinks what’s she planning to do. Thapki says you promised to trust me on our marriage. Purab says she breaks her trust. Thapki requests a chance. Veena denies it. Purab says ok and asks her to do whatever she wants. Thapki says she wants to get Hansika’s lie detector test done. Hansika asks why she is behind her happiness. Veena says she is jealous of you and she asks Purab to not agree. Hansika says you’re doing this as this family accepted me and she requests Veena to send her home telling she doesn’t want any drama in their house. Purab says if you prove wrong after this test then you shall leave this house for forever. Thapki agrees saying the truth will win. Veena asks her to pack her luggage. Thapki leaves. Hansika thinks how to escape from lie detection and she asks Dadi, can she take her medicines before test. Dadi takes her.

Thapki packs her luggage recalling her moments with Purab and she notices Purab burnt thr handkerchief gifted by her and thinks there is some relationship between us that’s why this kerchief is not burnt completely. Tester tells button will change to red if her answer is a lie and it will be green if her answer is true. Thapki questions her if she plans to get Purab? Hansika says no. Red light beeps. Thapki says it’s a lie and she asks if she has plotted with Rohit against Sargam. Hansika says no. Red light beeps. Everyone looks shocked. Thapki says another lie and she asks if she removed the screw of railing to made Sargam fall. Hansika says no but red light beeps. Thapki says another lie and she asks if she is acting to be injured. Hansika says no but Red light beeps. Thapki asks if she morphed Sargam’s diary. Hansika says no. Thapki says it’s proved that Hansika is lying. Hansika says this machine had some problem and she asks others to question. Veena asks if her name is Hansika. Hansika agrees but red light beeps. For next questions also red signal beeps. Hansika says now you may say machine is wrong. Operator says her BP is hight that’s why machine is going to red zone. Thapki asks him to take a retest. Veena asks Thapki to leave. Thapki tells she may did something when I went upstairs. Purab says she just took medicines. Thapki says she is acting to be in pain.

Purab tells her he will clear her doubt and he asks tester to test him to know who’s wrong. Testing person makes Purab wear the wire. Thapki asks if he is Purab. Purab agrees. Green light beeps. Thapki asks if he ever trusted her. Purab says yes. Green light beeps. Thapki recalls how she heard the love confession of Purab for her through couple globe and she decides to fight with whole world for him. Thapki asks if he ever loved her. Purab says no. Red signal beeps. Everyone gets shocked.

Episode ends.