Thapki Pyar Ki 30th November 2021 Written Update: Hansika steals pendrive of presentation

Thapki Pyar Ki 30th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veena devi says I have to accept that you are very clever and I thought you are Anaadi but you are a good player, I was aware that whoever stammers have dirt in their heart but I didn’t know that such persons are clever and changes color like a squirrel. Thapki looks shocked. Veena says you didn’t revealed this truth to anyone for your benifit as you want to come in my good books by organising my birthday and wants to become queen of my house by winning my heart and you want to get Purab completely, am I correct?

Thapki says it’s not good to accuse in this way and Purab cares for you that’s why he did everything and he didn’t do anything for others and I understood Purab nature in 25 days but you failed to understand him in these 25years, remove hate from your eyes than you will notice your son as diamond and I consider you as god and I always worship you and you choosed me as Bahu of this house and very soon you will accept me and it’s not challenge but it’s my trust on my god and she leaves. Veena looks on.

Next day Purab on meeting tells to his employees that he wants to play their songs on new fm echo prime slot to increase their share and he asks Anuj to send him ppt for it. After meeting Purab tells to Thapki that they will crores of profit if their songs gets played in echo fm. Thapki says it will happen. Purab says let’s talk practically and 3 music labels are behind them. Thapki asks when is the meeting. Purab says I asked them for time but didn’t get their response and he looks frustrated. Thapki asks him to leave to home to change his mood and he can return once time is fixed.

Purab and Thapki returns to home. Worker handovers pendrive to Thapki. Purab asks her to give him before presentation. Hansika notices everything. Thapki keeps it in drawer. Thapki asks him to have daal chawal. Hansika says he may sleep with it and she suggest to play Table tennis and she asks Thapki to join them. Purab plays Tt with Hansika.

Thapki about to leave but Hansika asks her to play with Purab saying she needs break. Thapki plays with him than Hansika thinks she have to finish her work. Thapki coudnt play as she don’t know it. Purab says it’s boring without competition. Hansika returns to game than Purab gets time of meeting and he sends Thapki to get pendrive. Thapki notices pendrive is missing from drawer and she informs it to Purab and he gets angry. Hansika recalls how she throwed pendrive in Washing machine.

Purab scolds Thapki for her careless behaviour. Thapki tells him, don’t take tension as i wrote everything in note book. Purab says I’m stupid to give you this responsibility and do you think it’s normal meeting? He leaves in frustration. Thapki stands in tears. Hansika asks him to postpone meeting. Purab leaves saying he don’t want to give time to competitors. Veena says I don’t know what happened but I know that it’s spoiled because of you as you’re inauspicious. Hansika says you have to give this credit to Thapki. Veena says she knows who’s behind it. Hansika says yes, it’s because of me but don’t raise for one win as I will raise very soon. Veena thinks she will end game before she raises.

Anuj tells to Purab that their is no backup ppt than he scolds him. Manager informs him that Echo company people arrived for meeting. Purab leaves to attend them without listening to Thapki. Echo fm people asks him to present with figures that how much profit they get. Thapki signs him she will tell the numbers and she writes in papers and shows to Purab and he cracks the deal with Thapki help. Thapki leaves.

Purab asks Dadi to bless him telling he gets contract. Dadi says your Mom will be happy. Hansika hears and thinks how it happened. Dadi says success will be yours when your wife’s supports you. Purab looks on. Dadi asks didn’t Thapki helped him. Purab says she helped him.

Dadi says Thapki looks sad so you may scolded her. Purab says yes than what to do. Dadi asks him to apologise to Thapki in his way. Purab says he will take her for dinner. Dadi asks him to go for candle light dinner to seeks forgiveness. Purab agrees and goes. Hansika asks Purab if he gor contact. Purab says yes than Hansika says my idea got worked to keep you away from stress and she about to hug him for congratulating him but he stops her telling he is married and he asks her to maintain some distance.

Hansika tells h she wants to take him and Thapki for dinner date. Purab says have other plans. Hansika says I may struck in depression as Mom is not talking so don’t deny. Purab agrees than he goes to Thapki and asks if she needs any help. Thapki says I don’t need help. Purab asks her to listen and he pulls jeans from her thsn pendrive fell down from it and both gets shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Purab apologizes to Thapki and asks her to leave anger. He says they have to go for dinner in the evening. Thapki asks if this is boss order. She puts the clothes for drying and the cloth falls on Thapki and his face. They have an eye lock.

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