Thavamai Thavamirundhu: Markandeyan advises Uma

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Thavamai Thavamirundhu is a newly launched show in Zee Tamil. The story revolves around an old couple Markandeyan and Parvathy who has worked their entire life to provide their kids with a better life. Things take a turn when Markandeyan retired. The serial focuses on the untold aspect of the elderly couple and the problem they face.

Previously we have seen Ravi bring Priya home. Ravi asked Revathi to share her room with Priya. The family asked Priya to go out of the home. Thanichalam blamed Marakandeyan for Ravi’s action.

In today’s episode, Markandeyan remembers them as the reason for Priya’s stay with Uma and Thanichalam. The next day, Priya’s behavior makes Uma and Thancihalam tense. Markandeyan hits Raja for belittling Priya. Markandeyan orders Ravi and Priya to apologize to Uma.

Thanichalam misleads Uma not to apologize to Priya and Ravi. Thanichalam comes home with an evil move. Thanichalam purposely gives the order to Markandeyan. He thinks that Markandeyan will not complete the order on time. With timely help, Markaneyan finishes the task.

Markandeyan gives Thanichalam a fitting reply. Markandeyan advises Uma to lead a happy life with Priya. Uma decides to reform but Thanichalam misleads her. Markandeyan asks Pandi to fill out the cheque book. Malar insults Pandi who struggles to fill out the cheque book. Neelatakan screams aloud toward Markandeyan. Neelatakan informs his son accident to Markandeyan.

Will Neelatakan seek Markandeyan’s help? Will Uma divorce Ravi? Will Priya marry Ravi? Why does Malar refuse to go to college? What is Raja’s move? Will Malar and Pandi live together?

Will Markandeyan settle Raja’s money? Will Sita and Markandeyan go out of the home?

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