Thavamai Thavamirundhu: Markandeyan warns Raja and Thanichalam

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Thavamai Thavamirundhu is a newly launched show in Zee Tamil. The story revolves around an old couple Markandeyan and Parvathy who has worked their entire life to provide their kids with a better life. Things take a turn when Markandeyan retired. The serial focuses on the untold aspect of the elderly couple and the problem they face.

Previously we have seen Raja approach Guna to trouble Markandeyan. Ravi and Pandi stand with Markandeyan. Markandeyan approached the police station to get back home. Inspector attacked Pandi and Raja. Thanichalam was happy to see a cried Sita.

In today’s episode, Sita pleads with Raja when the bulldozer stands in front of her house. Ravi stands with Sita. Sita pleads with Raja. She kneels at Raja’s feet when the bulldozer is trying to break into her house.

Markandeyan is ready to sign the document. Sugumaran calls Markandeyan. Markandeyan shares his woes with him. Markandeyan tears the document. Sugumaran’s friends save Markandeyan from Guna.

Guna pleads with Markandeyan. Markandeyan attacks Guna’s goon. Guna pleads with Markandeyan. Raja gets shocked by Markandeyan’s behavior. Markandeyan warns Raja and Thanichalam. Pandi and Ravi enjoy the moment. They come home drunkard.

How will Markandeyan get back home? Who will help Markandeyan? What is Raja’s move? Will Priya suggest a job for Ravi?

Will Malar and Pandi live together? Will Markandeyan settle Raja’s money?

Will Sita and Markandeyan go out of the home?

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