Thavamai Thavamirundhu: Raja’s henchmen collect the debt

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Thavamai Thavamirundhu is a newly launched show in Zee Tamil. The story revolves around an old couple Markandeyan and Parvathy who has worked their entire life to provide their kids with a better life. Things take a turn when Markandeyan retired. The serial focuses on the untold aspect of the elderly couple and the problem they face.

Previously we have seen that Uma humiliated Ravi in front of the family. Ravi decided to go for a job. Sita slapped Uma when she talked too much about Ravi. Vijay communicated with Markandeyan over the phone. Vijay suggested an idea to Markandeyan. Markandeyan and Sita eagerly waited for the manager’s arrival.

In today’s episode, Sita and Markandeyan urge the manager to taste their food. The manager notices Markandeyan children’s actions. At last, he decides to select the loan. Raja and Revathi are unhappy with the Manager’s decision. Markandeyan and Sita are on cloud nine.

Raja thinks of an idea to ruin Markandeyan’s move. Revathi is shocked by when Manager’s statement. The next day, Revathi puts kolam in front of the home to inspire their parents. Markandeyan yells out at Revathi when asked for a share in the new business. Raja takes revenge.

Sita and Markandeyan approach the manager to get money to start his business. Raja’s henchmen ask Markandeyan for the debt. Markandeyan handovers the money to Raja’s henchman. Raja is disappointed when Raja’s henchmen fail to hand over the collected money to Raja.

Will Markandeyan start the business? Will Markandeyan accepts Malar and Pandi?

How will Markandeyan’s children act towards Markandeyan? How will Marakandeyan pay off Ravi’s money?

Will Sita and Markandeyan go out of the home?

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