The brewing distance of Krishna and Pratigya and the hunt for justice: Mann Ki Pratigya 2 last week in a nutshell

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 Weekly Update

Sequels and remakes are the current trend of Indian television right now. So many shows are either having a remake or a comeback with a new season. So adding to the list, Rajan Shahi brought back one show, which still has a strong grip on people’s minds. We are talking about the famous Star Plus show Pratigya which is having its second season in Star Bharat now. Unlike any other second season, the cast and characters of the show remain unchanged. The chemistry of Krishna and Pratigya is still as fresh as the previous one. The show revolves around a mature married couple Krishna and Pratigya and their two opposite dimensional approach for the same purpose, protection of the family.

The story so far is about Garv, the younger child of Thakur family and the son of Krishna and Pratigya. He gets into a deadly mess by mistake but it costs the life of another kid, who is son of a mafia leader Balwant Singh. Garv told his father Krishna about it and Pratigya co-incidentally takes up the same case as lawyer and investigating it on the basis of IPC 302 which is an act of murder. Krishna is doing his best to save his son and also his family since Balwant is not going to settle down only with the legal process. Also he is hiding the whole thing from Pratigya. On the other hand, Pratigya is trying to know what exactly happened with Chandan and all her queries are hinting her towards her own family members.

Well the week started dramatically with Pratigya meeting with an accident while going to the school of Samar. On the other hand, Shakti got to know about the real culprit behind the accident case which is now said to be a murder. We got to see the caring side of Krishna when Pratigya came home all injured with Adarsh. However, Balwant got to know Pratigya and Krishna are basically husband and wife. He decided to test Krishna in his own style.

Krishna has always been a straightforward person and he simply admitted in front of Balwant about his real family members and made him aware that he belonged from Thakur family and Pratigya is his wife and he is the younger son of Thakur Sajjan Singh. But what was impressed with his honesty and he made an idea in his mind that maybe not Krishna and his immediate family but someone from that Thakur family has to be the real culprit behind the murder of his son. He decided to investigate the entire case in his own way apart from Pratigya so that he can punish the offender the way he wanted. On the other hand, the blow already hit the happiness of Thakur family and Shakti spilled the name of Garv in front of the entire family.

The real blow comes on Krishna when even after trying a lot he couldn’t hide the fact of Garv being involved in this accident case from anyone. His entire family members except for Pratigya got to know about Garv. Thus, an old chapter of the family reopened again. Sajjan Singh took the charge and declared that no one from the family would let Pratigya know about it.

Sajjan got to know everything from Krishna about what happened and how. Krishna explained the accident scene along with his trials to make the evidences gone for a toss which may cost harm to Garv. Balwant on the other hand got a clue that Radhe, who got killed by him used to be a very close person of Thakur family and he was their special person. Sajjan suggested Krishna wipe off all the evidence he had of meeting Radhe. The race against time started where three people at a time were chasing every single clue. Pratigya and Balwant were unable to reach out before Krishna but like the evergreen rule of destiny he left his sign in the place of crime.

Sajjan Thakur dug up his past and brought out all that used to be his wealth from underground with a motive to take a toll on the world if it came on his family. Krishna also gave full support to him. Sajjan suggested to Krishna that he had to convince his wife Pratigya to quit the case. While Pratigya was very much disturbed as every evidence she was trying to rely on was either getting destroyed or removed by some unseen force and she is unable to locate it out. The biggest shock she received was when Adarsh handed over the wrist watch of Krishna to Pratigya which he left in his diary in the morning. Pratigya finally had enough and confronted Krishna about it and asked him to swear on her. Krishna also got a blackmailing call from an unknown person.

Well in the upcoming week Krishna will try to deal with this new problem of blackmailing. Pratigya will confront Samar and he will decide to let her know about her own son’s deeds. Balwant played a cunning move and will install a device in the bag of Komal to know about their family matters. Now it will be interesting to see who gets successful in their quest and what consequences it will bring in their life.

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