The Chemistry between Vidya and Vivek from Vidya is imperfectly perfect

Colors TV popular show Vidya deals with the lives of Vivek and Vidya who completely contrast in their characters. The uneducated village school teacher finds her soulmate in the district magistrate Vivek Vardhan Singh who stands as a backbone for Vidya.

Their story is everything that gives lessons to the audience about how a perfect couple should be.
Vidya is a school teacher who landed in the post being uneducated due to her in-law’s greediness. The fact that she’s an English teacher being uneducated creates lots of troubles for Vidya. Added to it is the entry of Nanku Singh who is a womanizer.

Nanku’s evil eyes fall on Vidya who’s a widower. With lots of struggles in her life, Vidya finds a small Ray of hope with the entry of Prem Pratap Banaras wale who claims himself to be a traveller. He saves Vidya from all Nanku’s plot but later it is revealed that he’s the District Magistrate of the place who has came disguised to find the evil works of Nanku and that his real name is Vivek Vardhan Singh. From then Vivek stands for Vidya in all occurrences slowly falling for her. Vidya considers Vivek as her God right away rejects his love and gets ready to marry the guy suggested by his in-laws.

Vidya gets the shock of her life when she gets to know her father in law has sold her to Nanku for money and that she has misunderstood Vivek. She apologizes to Vivek and the timid Vidya becomes bold after this incident not letting anyone anymore mess with her life. She too falls for Vivek but Vivek learns that Vidya is uneducated and feels cheated as he hates liars.

After lots of ups and downs, they finally reunite and get married taking an oath they would start their marriage life only after Vidya completes her studies. Vivek’s mother who now hates Vidya tries Various ways to stop Vidya from giving her 10th board exams as she doesn’t want her in her son’s life. However, with lots of difficulties Vidya succeeds in giving her the exams with Vivek by her side. Thus this couple proves that no matter what happens the true love will stand for each other and will cross all the hardships.

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