The chemistry of Brinda and Dev is imperfectly perfect

Colors TV popular series Naagin has come up with the fourth season and the new lead couple, Brinda and Dev, are being loved by the audience.

Unfortunately, the two are not together in the current track. Earlier it was seen that Dev and the Parekh family has finally come to know that Brinda has never been pregnant with Rajat’s child and that the baby is Lilly’s. The end of this misunderstanding has brought Brinda and Dev closer once again. However, Dev is now married to Shalakha and Brinda is back in Dev’s life just to take her revenge.

On the other hand, Shalakha is playing her own game and, following Vishakha’s idea, she took Dev to Matheran for their honeymoon knowing that also Brinda will reach there. In fact, Brinda came with the whole Parekh family. Now Shalakha wants to create a rift between Brinda and Dev.

Keeping all this aside, Dev and Brinda have proved many times that they share a beautiful chemistry. Despite all the misunderstandings, Dev has always stood with Brinda and has always loved her, even when he was told that Brinda is pregnant with Rajat’s child. The two have gone through a lot of ups and downs and yet they still have soft corners for each other. They are childhood buddies and understand each other more than anyone else.

Even though Brinda claims to hate Dev and wants to take revenge from him, she has proved many times that there is surely a side inside her which is not ready to accept that Dev can be her mother’s murderer. Dev is mature while Brinda is a bit clumsy: the two surely make for an imperfectly perfect pair!

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