The comeback of Dilrooba will create hurdles for Ansh

Star plus supernatural show Nazar has seen many ups and downs of story in the recent episodes. As the regular audience of the show already knows that after in a quest to save the family members and Aditya Ansh stabbed each one of them with the knife that Shalaka gave to him. Due to which the lives and the incident of their lives went into the past times where everything has to start from a
new angle.

The loyal audience of the show witnessed in the latest episode that Ansh was trying to meet Piya so that they can complete the circle. On the other hand, Mohana also entered their past using the knife of Shalaka. She wanted to make sure that this time Ansh don’t meet Pia at all so that Adi cannot be born. Whereas Ansh is determined to find out Pia and he is in search of her. On another side everyone in the family finally able to recall what all relations they had and protected Adi from Nishant. Ansh promised to Aditya that he will make him free and alive again from this stone state.

Here Mohana is trying to transform Pia into stone so that she can put an end to the love saga of Pia and Ansh. In tonight’s episode of the show, Nishant will confront Mohona and fights with her whereas Dilrooba will make a comeback. She will trick Ansh so that he can’t meet Piya. Dilrooba will be successful in fooling Nishant and keep Ansh engaged so taht she can pass the time till Pia becomes Stone completely. Though Ansh made an oath to meet Pia at any cost and revive Aditya to live again. With all these happenings are taking place altogether, we wonder what will be Mohana’s next step and will Ansh be able to save his ladylove Pia from this deadly trap.