The level of grooves in India’s Best Dancer 2 has gone up several notches- Geeta Kapur

Yesterday the media got a chance to talk to the judges of the new Sony TV dance show, India’s Best Dancer 2 i.e Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis. Excerpts of that chit chat.

Geeta Kapur dumped her trademark sari and came attired in a fabulous pair of jeans with a shrug. She said she wanted a change and asked the media for their approval which she wholeheartedly got. ” Inside, I am the same old Geeta Ma just updated the exterior.”

She further added that some of the contestants pleasantly surprised us ” We did not think they would have the legs too so far, but man, the way they performed.”

 "Also, what is heartening to note is that most of them come here for the art and not the came. They just  enjoy themselves on the floor, which is how it should be, added Malaika 

Terence says ” As judges, we have to educate the contestants about where they went wrong or right. This way, even the viewers get involved.”

“Today, the internet has thrown up many new dance moves, so I have to keep updated, lest one of them come on my show. How else do I judge them?” reasons Terence

What will separate this show from numerous other tube dance reality shows? Choreography ˌ and the performances? Earlier we would have some non-serious contestants, who we could joke around with, not any more. Now, all come thoroughly trained and ready to go.  said Geeta 

On a lighter note, Mallika said she had learned many classical Hindi words from Terence, he replied,saying we have made her more desi in return.