The recent poem of Shashank Vyas sends a strong message

Shashank Vyas recently penned down some wonderful lines echoing his thoughts. He shared it through his social media accounts and got loads of warmth from his fans and friends. So from where it came from? “It all started in 2009 when I lost my mother and I was not getting work. There was a lot of time in hand and I used to stay close to Juhu beach and go there and pen down my thoughts. Those poems are still with me in my diary. After that, I got busy with my professional life and writing took a backseat. And now when I have time, I thought of writing again. With time we also mature in our thoughts. When I again started writing, a few of my fans and friends started asking me if I am in love! But that is not the case. The current situation motivates me.”

 Shashank also adds,” Writing is a creative process and it also gives you a lot of depth in life. Writing involves imagination and visualization”

In the midst of the corona outbreak, there have been communal debates in the media, and Shashank’s latest poem is on that. “It is indeed disturbing. We have been taught to keep our eyes on the news and stay updated. But now on the media, there has been so much communal news. Why are we not discussing the important things such as food, shelter, and transportation of the needy. Now the situation has reached a stage that if I am not being updated I feel peaceful. I do follow a couple of media personnel who are not biased. Everything else is a big circus out there. Keep yourself away from that.”