‘The Tale of the Nine Tailed ‘ – To be renewed for Season 2 & 3

Good News for all Lee Dong-Wook fans! One of the most loved Fantasy romance of 2020,’The Tale of the Nine Tailed ‘ is all set to be renewed for Season 2 and 3.  For the uninformed , TVN’s The Tale of the Nine Tailed (9 Tailed Gumiho Fox) is a Fantasy romance starring Lee Dong-Wook and Jo Bo-Ah playing Lee Yeon and Nam Ji – Ah respectively. Lee Yeon is a 1000 year old Gumiho waiting for the Reincarnation of his first love , and Ji Ah is a strong and bold TV producer, in search of her parents whom she lost in a mysterious accident when she was young.

During the time it aired,this drama was wildly popular and had crossed the average viewership of 5. 8 %.  The viewers just couldn’t get enough of the story as ,they not only fell in love with the leads, but also with Lee Rang,an evil incarnation of Lee Yeon’s half brother played by the cute and charming Kim Bum. When the Drama ended, the fans were unable to move on and kept requesting for a season 2.

TVN has seemed to have listened to the fans wish and have decided to renew the series with a season 2 and 3. Season 2 is likely to be set in the Japanese Colonial period and the third season in Joseon Dynasty period.  However as per our sources,the female lead Jo Bo-Ah might not be joining the rest of the cast and there will be a new female lead opposite LeeDong – Wook. Season 2 is expected to have 16 episodes and is likely to hit our screens Next year.  We wish the team all success and look forward to another amazing journey of this historical fantasy romance!