Thirumathi Hitler 10th May 2021 Written Update: Maya and Chithra gives work to Hasini

Thirumathi Hitler 10th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Archana asks the servant to mix the clay well. Chithra questions Maya how to turns her lip reddish without applying lipstick? Maya asks her to rub brick on her lips. Maya stops Chithra and points Archana standing there. Chithra alerts her that Archana will give some work to then to do if they go there. Maya says to her let’s accompany Jaya and Hasini to shopping, so they can escape from work easily. Just then Jaya and Hasini comes there Chithra and Maya requests Jaya to take them to shopping along with them. She gives permission to her to carry the luggage.

Jaya explains to Hasini about their rituals. Just then Cylinder boy comes there. Hasini takes him inside and asks him to place down the cylinder. He points gun at her. She snatches it from him and thank him for giving diwali toy. He threatens her that it’s not toy but real one. Hasini starts to laugh seeing him. He questions her why is she laughing doesn’t she has fear? Hasini says to him that she has no enemy. He threats her that he will shoot her then her brain will burst out. Hasini comments that all are saying she is a brain less person. Is he going to shoot the empty one? Hasini adds that she is still confused. She says to him that someone put so much effort to enter into this house disguised like cylinder boy. Just to kill her rights? Let her think Is she has any enemy in her last birth?

Hasini tries to remove his cap but he stops her. He scares her. She says to him that he is not giving option to her. She starts sharing her childhood craziness with him and questioning him who is he from this all? She thinks that he is not anyone in this list. She used to do only fault then how will she find out who is he? She agrees her loss and asks him to reveal his name. He removes his cap. Hasini finds out he is OTP. She questions him why did he tried this much to meet her instead of calling her?

He complaints that she starts living with AJ here forgetting her task. If he never take this step then she would have give birth to his child too. Hasini asks him to control his tongue. She can’t able to live with him in her dreams too. She questions him does he has brain? He points the gun at her. He gets a phone call. Hasini asks him to share his OTP to his wife. He asks her to find out the evidence soon. He is roaming around freely after killing her. Hasini informs to him that she is trying to find out the truth. He complaints that she starts living here as his wife that’s why she is taking fasting for him.

She developed his restaurant too. Hasini informs to him that she tried alot to collect that evidence. She wants to pretends like wife of him to enter everywhere freely. She don’t have talent to open a small box but giving lecture to him. He asks her to find it out in 2 days or else he will kill her father. Hasini gets shock to hear it. He adds that his father will blast along with cracker in diwali. She complaints that he used to threat her that he will send her father to jail. But now he is threaten her to kill him. He says that Hasini agreed to find out the evidence in two days but she didn’t done it so he too changed his words. He forewarn her that it’s her last day to laugh.

He gives one rupees coin to her and says to her it will fit perfect on AJ temple. Hasini thinks that AJ hidden the truth that he killed his wife. This CBI officer is threatening her to find out the evidence. How will she find out it? She wants to find out the evidence to save her father. She wishes to cancel the shopping. She informs to Archana that she is not going to shopping. She says to her that she will make lamp here. Archana complaints that she is changing her words often. She informs to Archana that she don’t know to purchase things. She assures to her that she will clean this house and make lamp.

Archana says to her that she likes the way she accepted the truth. If she continuous like this then she has no problem with her. She teaches her how to make lamp. Maya and Chithra dislikes it. They plans to create rift between Archana and Hasini. They says to her that they will finish her. Jaya says that she is going to finish her purse right? She nods. Hasini informs to Jaya that she is not going to shopping. Archana says to her that she like to make lamp here. Maya calls chithra. Maya says to her let’s break all lamp here with hammer. Chithra complaints that Hasini tries to reconcile with Archana right? They are breaking all lamps there while entertaining. They dances around it happily. She adds more water in clay too.

Chithra questions her why did she added water in it? Maya says to her that she will make lamp in remaining clay. Chithra leg starts bleeding after step on the broken pot piece. Jaya complaints that Maya and Chithra are not coming. Archana says they may be touching up. She questions Maya why are they late? She informs to her that they went to take Purse. AJ comes there. Jaya asks him to stay in house till he come back. She lies to him that Hasini is not in home. Hasini thinks that CBI is torturing her. She wants to save her father after giving the evidence to him. Hasini tries to open the locker. CBI calls her and asks her to open the locker soon. She complain that she don’t know his password. She tries many password finally it’s open. She starts dancing in happiness. AJ coming from another side.

Episode end.