Thirumathi Hitler 12th July 2021 Written Update: Hasini successfully unlock the locker

Thirumathi Hitler 12th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hasini reaches to a hotel to eat biriyani after finishes her purchase. She checks the menu and enquires to the waiter about menu. She notices Gun on the plate she gets shock to see Vickram pointing gun at her. She asks him to sit down calmly reasoning public and watching them. Vickram complaints that he asked her to take the evidence but she is simply ordering biriyani to eat. Hasini tells him that she needs energy to search the evidence. He threatens her that he will send her father inside the jail. He adds that Hasini has some other plan that’s why she is delaying to get the evidence from there. Is she needs more time to open the locker. Hasini complaints to him that she is suffering daily for his plan why should her father suffer for him. Doesn’t she assures to him she will find out the evidence and leave from there. He tells her that she wishes to live with AJ that’s why she is not giving the evidence to him. He gives one week target to her if she don’t give it then her father will die. Coming Friday Prevalika’s marriage date if she don’t find the evidence that was last date for her father AJ must go inside the jail on that day. He is going to get special permission from Delhi to arrest AJ. He threatens her again with her father and warns her. Hasini reaches to house and decides to search for the locker.

Hasini doubts where is the locker? She calms her down and starts searching for it everywhere in that room. She can’t able to find that locker. She starts to hears illusions words she can’t able to do it. Hasini wishes to surrender in front of god. She prays to god if he shows the locker to her then she will do 100 sit up in front of him. She gets shock to see the Idol is missing there. She notices the locker is there. She gets happy to see it and takes the locket from there. She doubts what’s the password of it. She puts Prevalika’s date of birth as password. It opens finally. She praises herself and finds the mobile phone in it. She doubts why is there one phone in it she expected some CD or hard disk. She wishes to on the phone later changes her mind thinking details may delete. She finally saved her father that’s enough. If AJ goes to jail then she will be free from this jail. She wishes to give the phone to Vickram. She places the phone safely inside her bag and hides the locker. Hasini doubts Is evidence inside it AJ killed Prevalika or not as Vickram said? She wishes to find it. She wishes to on it but charge is over in it.

Hasini plugs in the charger and waits to know the result. She turns on the phone and about to play the video. But someone voice disturbs her. She thinks someone calling her. She changes her mind later and decides to don’t check it. Jaya is listening to the song. Hasini goes and sits beside her. Hasini questions Is she hearing song happily? She complaints that she is not at all happy because of them. Is she allowing her to be happy she is scared of that dream. She is listening to song to forget her sadness. Prevalika whom taught her to do it.

Hasini questions her Is she like song? Jaya shares to her she loves song. Hasini asks her to say about Prevalika. Jaya says to her that AJ suffered a lot to reach do this position on that time only Prevalika whom allows him to share her shoulder with. She stands for him in all good and bad things. She behaved like more then a mom to AJ. AJ spended more time with Prvalika. After she died AJ made his heart Stone and behaving like this to all. He is not treating Hasini in this way because of anger but he fears to fall in love again. Jaya tells her that only Hasini can able to bring happiness in his life. She is believing her. Hasini doubts Is AJ has this side too? Who is saying that truth here? She checks the video in that one lady pleading with AJ to don’t push her down spare her life. He published her down. Hasini gets shock to see it.

Episode end.