Thirumathi Hitler 12th May 2021 Written Update: Chakravarthy invites AJ and Hasini to attend Thala Diwali

Thirumathi Hitler 12th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jaya returns to home along with her daughter in laws. They finds the floor is all wet. Chithra says to them may rainy here. Maya questions her how will rain only here? She says to her that only Hasini will do something crazy things like this. Maya says to her let’s go inside to check whatever she broken inside? Jaya questions her what did she said? She lies to her as nothing and enter inside. Everyone shocks to see the lamps are there. Jaya and Archana happy to see those colorfull lamps there. Maya and Chithra doubts how did Hasini created these lamps? Doesn’t they break all? Chithra says she may glued to it again. Maya says chance less. Jaya admires the lamp and says to Archana that Hasini done a good job. She created wonderful lamps here for Diwali. She praises her too much. Maya and Chithra dislikes it.

Hasini comes there. Jaya praises her hard work. Maya and Chithra questions her how did she create it? She says to them she used hand to create it. Maya says to her don’t lie she may brought it from outside. Hasini deny it and says to them she created in it hand. Archana checks the lamp and says to them that Hasini is right. It’s still wet. Jaya praises Hasini talent. Hasini says to her that Archana created some already. So she wants to praise her too. Maya again complaints she doubts Is she really created it? Hasini says that she is talking like she broken it already and she created new one to cover it. They keeps quiet. She provokes Archana against her. Hasini informs to them that AJ helped her to create it all. Maya says that she knew well AJ created this all alone that’s why it came out well. She may pretends like help him. Hasini says to them that she created it with her hands. AJ holds her hand and taught her how to do it. Jaya thinks that she done a good job by left them alone in home. She prays god to give good chemistry between them.

Chakravarthy comes there. Hasini welcomes him and enquires him about her mom and sister? He informs to her that Swetha went to deliver cake. Chithra comments that she has no idea how many peoples gonna fall for their cake. Jaya says to him that Hasini created all these lamps for Diwali. He came in good time. She invites his all family to attend the Diwali here. He says to her that he is also here to inform about it. Just then AJ comes there. Hasini says to him proudly that she developed his branch. His all menu gave good profit to them. Chakravarthy says to them that he is here to invite AJ and Hasini to Thala Diwali. Then he arranged 3 days stay for them in his village temple. Maya teases him that AJ used to stay in star hotels so he can’t able to adjust in village. More then they arranged everything in this house so they want to celebrate it grandly here.

Chakravarthy says to them that Thala Diwali won’t come often. Its a rituals to invite them to his house. Archana says to him that nothing happened according to rituals in their marriage. Maya adds that Hasini married to him cheated. She even insulted him in front of all and gave complaint on him. Doesn’t their relatives badmouth on him if they visit their house? AJ listens this all and leaves from there silently. Chakravarthy says to them that whatever say none can change the fact that AJ is his son in law and Hasini husband. Jaya tries to convince AJ but he says to her that Hasini is going to stay here till he prove his innocence. So he can’t able to go with her.

Episode end.