Thirumathi Hitler 13th May 2021 Written Update: Keerthana’s smart plan

Thirumathi Hitler 13th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chakravarthy is waiting in hall along with Hasini. Maya says to him that AJ will never agree to celebrate this Thala Diwali. If he need then he can take Hasini with him alone. Chithra teases him that he can at least celebrate Diwali right? Jaya says to AJ that his marriage may an accident one but Hasini is his wife. Chakravarthy is his father in law. If he has a situation then He can say no but here he is saying no unnecessary. How will they send him with empty hands? Its just a three days matter it will pass in a fraction of seconds. She asks him to go with him.

AJ agrees to go with them for her. Jaya asks him to convey this matter to him but he deny it reasoning its just a word to him. If she don’t go then he will change his decision. Kizhore and his brother comes there. Jaya informs to him that AJ agreed to celebrate Diwali in his house. Maya and Chithra doubts how did AJ agreed to this? Archana says to her may Jaya convinced him. Chithra says that Hasini will dance in attitude now. Hasini questions them Is they dreaming how they are going to celebrate it? Chithra teases her.

Chakravarthy says to them that he will do everything in his limit. Maya asks him to put 10 sovereign chain to him at least. Chithra asks them to arrange all high quality stay to AJ. Hasini complaints that they are going to celebrate Diwali not hotel. Chakravarthy assures to them that he will treat him well. Hasini thinks that he is trying to celebrate the Diwali but she is trying to send him to jail. She wants to find the evidence to save him. Maya thinks that AJ will unite with Hasini. Maya and Chithra says to them they are also coming with him. Hasini teases them.

Everyone agreed to go with them. Keerthana meets Sindhu in temple. She greets her. She questions her Is she has any problems with her husband? Sindhu asks to her why did she asking like this? Keerthana says to her she has some reason that’s why. She asks Sindhu to say the truth. She says to her that she has no problem with her husband. Keerthana doubts If they have any problem then why did its happening like this? She asks her to clear it.

Keerthana questions her Is that applied for divorce? Sindhu questions her why did she talking like this to her? Keerthana gives the divorce notice to her. She gets shock to see it. She questions her why should he divorce her? They have no problem with each other. Keerthana questions her Is they have no problem with each other? She starts crying! Keerthana thinks that she may be saying truth that’s why she is getting angry. Then why did Badri lied to her? She informs to her that she heard some neighbors talking about her that’s why she confronted her here. She asks Sindhu to question her husband about it. Sindhu snatches the notices and leaves from there.

Badri comes there and questions her why is she walking? Isn’t he said to her that he will come and pick her. She gives the notice to him and asks him to explain it. He gets shock to see it. He lies to her that someone intentionally done it to take revenge on him. She questions him does his enemies know A to Z about her? She blames him that he done it. He says to her that he is a police so obviously he has enemy. He asks to her whom gave it to her. She says to him its not a matter here. Badri questions her why should he divorce her? Doesn’t they living good. She warns him that she is believing him now. If anything goes wrong then she fill finish him. Keerthana calls him and lashes out at him. He tries to manage her but she didn’t give heed to him. She says to him strictly that she will givev Swetha hands to him after his divorce. Don’t show his police attittude to her.

Episode end.