Thirumathi Hitler 17th June 2021 Written Update: Akhila advises Hasini

Thirumathi Hitler 17th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chithra and Maya enters into the Hasini room. She doubts why are they coming there? They mentions her as mother in law. Hasini doubts why are they so nice to her today? Maya questions her Is she need anything to eat or drink? Hasini says to them she can guess they needs something from her that’s why acting like this. Maya asks Hasini to use one mantra for herself and give another one for them. Hasini questions her Isn’t this money enough to her? Maya says she wanna be young always reasoning she is getting wrinkles. After some days she will turn to be old. People’s will think bad if they looks old then her.

Hasini thinks that all are searching for corona medicine but they wanna be young forever. Hasini assures to them and asks them to write the age of them. They writes 16 but it will look like 91 from Hasini side. Hasini threatens them that she gonna chant the mantras to turn them to 91 age. Maya complaints that its old age. Hasini questions them how dare she to ask mantra to her? Maya says she betrayed them and complaints that she insulted them. Hasini pretends like chanting the mantras and sends them from there.

Hasini thinks that how come these idiots got this idea? It’s also not a bad idea if she uses the mantras correctly this time to open the locker then she can use the remaining one for being young always. Hasini is cleaning the idol statue. Hasini leaves to pluck the flowers from garden. Driver drinking the drinks without anyone knowledge. His wife comes there and pick a fight with him for drinking often. Hasini comes there to enquires what’s the matter. That lady informs to her that driver is not giving the money properly to her and not taking care of kid too. He didn’t paid rent for last two months. Her baby is in hunger. She shows the proof to her. She wishes to die but Hasini stops her and advises to her. She complaints to her that he is not changing at all he will die soon if he drinks like this. Hasini thinks that baby will be orphan if something happens to her.

Hasini wishes to use the mantra to save that baby. She advises to that lady and assures to her that she will solve all her problems. Hasini informs to her she gonna sell a magic here. She closes her eyes and chant the mantras. Akhila is praying another side.

Something strange happening inside the driver he feels like dizziness. His hands are shivering and throws the bottle away reasoning this smell irking him. Driver assures to Hasini that he won’t drink again. Hasini says to her suicide is not a solution for everything. Lady leaves from there after thanking her. Hasini sits beside Akhila. Archana, Maya and Chithra are teasing Hasini. Akhila advises Hasini to use the last mantra for herself. She advises to her she might live with AJ for Jaya happiness. Hasini deny it reasoning she don’t live with a person whom cheated her.

Episode end.