Thirumathi Hitler 17th May 2021 Written Update: Hasini pretends like she lost her eyesight!

Thirumathi Hitler 17th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with AJ comes down and notices the dining is empty. He doubts Is they cooked anything today or not? He notices Hasini is doing meditation there he teases her and goes to kitchen. There also he can’t able to find any food in kitchen. He walks near Hasini and questions her what’s she doing? She complaints to him that she don’t have rights to breath too in this house. If she has power the she would have cursed him for disturbing her meditation! AJ complaints to her that nothing is there to eat in this house? He questions her Is she ate everything? She informs to him that she was doing meditation here if she are anything how can she do this? He says to her that he is hungry.

She asks him to ask his daughters in law! She adds to him that she is also like him she only know to eat not to cook. He questions her why didn’t no one cooked today? Where is servants? She informs to him that she is not in that area to answer about it. He questions her why don’t she cook? She questions him back why don’t he cook? Isn’t he cooking in restaurant. She asks him to cook for them too. He says to her its his business. She asks him to get the money and cook for them. He gets irritate and says to her he needs food now. He says to her that she wants to cook for him in 5 minutes. She deny it so he threats her with the agreement. He stands adamant to eat with her hand. She forewarn him that he is going to die after eating with her hand made food.

Hasini thinks that she only know to cook hot water! She is trying new items. He is giving pressure to her. She is frying appalam for him. She starts searching for the vessels. AJ questions her why didn’t she cooked anything yet? She complaints that she can’t able to cook anything in 5 minutes. Accidentally hot oil falls on Hasini eyes. She starts shouting Jaya comes there and enquires what happened? Hasini complaints to her that oil fall on her eyes this AJ asked her to cook that’s why it happened. Jays scolds AJ and asks him to take her to the hospital. AJ takes her to the hospital. She is keep complaining that he done it intentionally she lost her sight. He takes her near doctor. He checks her and says to him that her eyes seriously injured. She complaints that he intentionally threw it on her eyes. Hasini starts to run around his cabin while shouting she lost her sight. AJ made her blind. Doctor send AJ out. He asks her to open her eyes.

Haaini lies to him that she can’t able to see anything. Doctor says to her that she is perfectly alright what’s her problem with her husband? He know well she is pretending to be sick. Hasini thinks that he find out the truth. She wishes to escape from household work using this situation. She starts lashes out at him. She says to him that she doesn’t know to act at all. Doctor starts to scold her. She says to him he might give respect to her. He lashed out at her for lying and complaints that she blames him as fake doctor and badmouthing on him too. He threatens her to go out or else he will do postpartum to her.

Hasini gets scare and goes out. She doubts where is the Hitler? She asks to the person near by what’s the time? She says to her that she is blind. She says to her she thought why didn’t she surprised after seeing her? She questions her who is she? Hasini lies to her that she is a actress currently working with “Vijay Devarkonda “. Nurse question her where is her husband? She informs to her he went to buy medicine for her. Nurse says to her that she asked her to that blind girl. She says the same to her. Hasini helps her to go inside.

Hasini thinks that she is just missed or else she would have ended up blind like this girl. She can’t able to walk while closing her eyes for 5 minutes then how is she walking daily? She wishes to experience her life. She wears the glass and holds the stick. She is trying to walk with the help of the stick. AJ notices her and gets shock to see it. He drops down the medicine in shock. AJ thinks that Hasini lost her eyesight. He done a big mistake. Jaya will lashes out at him. He apologies to her for his mistake and cries. Hasini thinks why did he crying out of the blue? He says to her that he was the reason for her state. How will she bear this life long. He done a big mistake he spoiled her life too. Hasini thinks that she is staring him crying for the first time. Its good to see him in tears. She wishes to take revenge on him. She blames him for her state. He stares her emotionally.

Episode end.