Thirumathi Hitler 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Maya’s cunning plan

Thirumathi Hitler 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with AJ takes Hasini into their room. Hasini sits on bed and complaints her leg are paining reasoning she stood whole day in forest. AJ says to her he will help her to massage her leg. Hasini deny it and tells him she will take care of it. AJ ignores her and starts massaging her leg. Hasini thinks that its the punishment to him for left her alone in that forest without mercy! She thinks that she made him massage her leg. Hasini asks AJ to stop massaging her. She complaints that he left her intentionally in forest to die and pretends like a good person here. AJ deny it. Hasini complaints that he done it to hurt her. What if some animals eat her? AJ says to her he didn’t expect something will end up like this. Hasini asks him to hold her hand and gets up from the bed. She complaints she can’t able to live with a person whom tried to kill her. How will she stay inside the same room of him? She pretends like blind and touching wall to walk. AJ is walking behind her while apologies to her.

AJ says that he doubted her yesterday that’s why he left her there to test her? Hasini questions him what if something bad happened to her? Will he take the responsibility? AJ informs to her that he searched for her everywhere in that forest. Hasini questions him Is he searched her left over body parts which ate by animals? AJ says to her he done wrong he shouldn’t have done like that. Hasini complaints that he tried to kill her like the way he killed his first wife. AJ question her what? She manages the situation.

Hasini complaints that he married to her after blackmailed her. He don’t know how to win her that’s why he planned this and left her alone in that forest. AJ deny it again and says sorry . Hasini says she don’t need his sorry and poori. She says that she is hungry. He didn’t even anything to her in that forest to eat also! If he has mercy on her then he would have given biscuit to her at least. AJ says to her nothing to worry he will bring food to her here. AJ leaves from there. Hasini thinks that he tried to prove that she is not blind but see how did she won in this task?

Chithra and Maya are disappointed with the incident. Chithra says AJ losses in his test and that Hasini won too. Maya says that Hasini may won now not anymore. AJ started doubt her they thought that they can use this situation against Hasini and kick her out of the house. But Hasini turned everything favour to her. Chithra says she doubt Hasini the one informed to police about this incident and came back to home. Maya comments that she is a middle class girl but showing hell to them. She entered into this house to sell cake but now turned to be AJ wife and got his support too.

Maya thinks that all plans got failed. AJ will trust them if they proves Hasini is not blind in front of him. They plans something in mute. Next day morning Maya questions Chithra Is everything ready? She nods and shows the glass pieces to her. Maya spreads it under the stairs. Chithra is shooting it in her mobile. Maya says let’s inform this to AJ. AJ is checking his mobile. Maya and Chithra about to share this AJ asks them to stop reasoning he suspected Hasini hearing their words.

Finally police came here by god grace Hasini saved him by lying! Maya and Chithra stands adamant in their opinion that Hasini is not blind but pretending to be. They reveals to him that they send snake into the room she noticed it and alerted AJ. He lashes out at them for thinking like criminals. Maya and Chithra says to him they are damn sure she is not blind. They pleads with him to give one last chance to prove it. He nods. Chithra takes Hasini there AJ and Maya are watching her. Hasini notices the glass pieces and stands there.

Episode end.