Thirumathi Hitler 7th July 2021 Written Update: Archana’s cunning move

Thirumathi Hitler 7th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with AJ asks Hasini to remove all decorations from his room he need his old room. Hasini asks him to stop behaving like kid. AJ is adamant in his decision and asks her to write a letter that she can’t able to do it and leave from here. Hasini thinks she wishes to do it but that Vickram is not allowing her at all. Hasini asks him to be in update or ask suggestions to her. AJ tells her he don’t need her explanations just remove the decorations or else he won’t be a human. Hasini thinks he is not a human now itself. Hasini thinks how will she remove all the decorations and starts removing it and throws it on AJ. Balloon burst out but AJ is sleeping peacefully.

Hasini questions Prevali why did she left alone why didn’t she take this Hitler with her? She would have been happy now. Hasini takes the ring which places on the advertisement of Prevalika missing. AJ gets up and questions her why is she created mess in this room? AJ complaints that she intentionally threw the wastes on him. He teases her decoration and comments her as brainless. Hasini starts bursting balloon to irritate him. He asks her to stop doing this? Hasini tries to take selfie but AJ covers her in bed sheet and starts beating her.

Hasini complaints that he is torturing her. Hasini says she is a big rowdy in her area but he beaten her. Hasini covers him in bed sheet and starts beating him. Both ate fighting with each other. Archana comes there and notices it. She misunderstands. They removes the bed sheets and breaths heavily. Hasini starts blush. AJ notices this and thinks he is feeling nervous seeing her blushing. She points her lipstick to on his face. He warns her to stop using lipstick. Archana keeps thinking about the incident and thinks she is slipping down. She can’t able to see her winning over her. She wanna do something against her then only control will come back to her. Archana reminds the incidents and thinks she will make her pay for it. She will change everything and kicks her out of the house using AJ.

Hasini is doing make up while sitting in hall. Hasini feels she applies lipstick little more. She notices the key is missing she starts searching for it. She feels this key is head ache to her. She fears what will AJ do after knowing this. Archana questions her what happened? Hasini Mentions her as daughter in law and says she lost the key. Archana says that she is not her mother in law reasoning she has no quality to become her mother in law. Hasini prays to god to return the key to her. Archana gives the key to her. Hasini says she touched others things its name theft.

Archana teases her that she can’t able to maintain the responsibility of this house. Hasini challenges her that she will make her call her as mother in law soon. Archana smirks at her. Keerthana asks Swetha to get ready soon let’s talk the alliance in AJ house. Swetha deny it and asks her to stop forcing her. Badri says to Sindhi she is a disturbance in his life. So he gonna kill her. He presses the pillow on her face and tries to kill her meanwhile AJ enters into the room.

Episode end.