Thirumathi Hitler 7th June 2021 Written Update: AJ lashes out at Hasini

Thirumathi Hitler 7th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with AJ questions Hasini why did she cheated him? Hasini informs to him that she done it for fun. AJ questions her Is his care on her fun to her? Is the way he scared for her and admitted her in hospital fun to her? Doesn’t she made him work for her Is it fun to her? Hasini says that she done everything for fun shr didn’t expected it will end up in this way. Maya questions her Is this fun to her? If she making fun of us then she can pretend like blind for two hours at least but she took two days to make fun with them. She complaints that Hasini made them work for her in these two days.

AJ complaints that she married to him doing fraud what else he can expect from her. AJ asks her to leave the house soon. Jaya tries to support her but AJ tells her clearly that she can choose AJ or Hasini. If she stays here then he will leave this house. Hasini thinks that he will kick her out it seems. Vickram gonna torture her if she leave this house. She reminds his warning. Hasini questions him doesn’t they put agreement to find out the truth. How will he ask her to leave before finding it out? AJ complaints her this fraud behavior is enough to prove her fraud marriage. If she play a game again he will call police here.

Hasini take a her bag and about to leave. Hasini stares Jaya and prays to god to help her. Jaya pretends like her cardiac arrest. She sits down holding her chest. AJ and everyone stares her in shock. AJ calls to doctor. Maya and Chithra runs to bring water for her. Hasini doubts why is she holding her right side Isn’t heart placed in left side? Jaya changed her hand position. Hasini caught her red handed and questions her why is she acting?

Jaya says she is acting for Hasini only. AJ comes there Hasini asks her to continue. AJ informs to Jaya no doctor is available let’s go to hospital. Jaya refuses to go reasoning she will go with him if he listen to her condition. AJ asks her to accompany him without creating a scene. Jaya comments that her husband is calling her to accompany him to paradise. She won’t stay here anymore. AJ asks her to stop talking like this and tell him what’s she need?

Jaya complaints that there is no use to stay alive reasoning her son life destroyed. Hasini is also leaving. If he lives with Hasini happily then she will visit hospital. AJ thinks for a while. Jaya asks to him emotionally Is his ego important to him then his mom? He says she is important to him. Jaya asks him to allow Hasini to stay here then only she will go to hospital. He nods. Jaya pretends like gets relieves from gastrouble. Chithra questions her how did she lost her pain out of blue? She asks her to quiet. After everyone leaves Jaya asks Hasini to stop giving head ache to her. Jaya is listening to song. Chakravarthy calls her and informs about Thala Diwali arrangements. She manages to talk with him and disconnect the call.

Jaya shares it with AJ but he refuses to go there reasoning Hasini is a fraud. Jaya tries to convince him but all went in vain. AJ notices Hasini sleeping on his bed. He reminds how did she take revenge on him. He kicks her down from bed. Hasini blabbers in sleep. AJ get a irritate and goes to washroom. His head hits on wall when her leg hits him. He scolds her and leaves. Archana, Maya and Chithra notices Jaya arranging breakfast on dining table. Jaya enquire to AJ about Hasini. AJ lashes out at her.

Episode end.