Thirumathi Hitler 8th July 2021 Written Update: Hasini slaps Badri

Thirumathi Hitler 8th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Badri tries to press the pillow on Sindhu’s face to kill her. AJ enters into the ward hearing the voice Badri gets alerts and back off. AJ questions him what’s he doing here? He lies to him that he is here to check Sindhu here. AJ questions Doctor about Sindhu’s health condition and asks her to give a good treatment to her. AJ alerts doctor to keep monitor Sindhu reasoning her life is most important to him. Doctor assures to him that she will appoint one nurse to being with her always. Doctor adds to him that she will get well soon.

After doctor leaves from there AJ says to Badri he doubts him. He will find out the truth soon whether she slipped down or he pushed her down. He will finish him if he is behind Sindhu’s state. He adds that he knew well Badri started his game with Hasini again. If he go behind Hasini or Swetha again then he will cut his tail so be careful. Doesn’t he remember his treatment method? AJ asks Badri to leave from there. AJ says to Sindhu that all are waiting for her recovery. Swetha thinks it’s wrong to marrying Badri when Sindhu is in coma. She wishes to inform this to her father. Keerthana calls her to accompany her. Swetha tells her its shame to go there and talk alliance with him. Keerthana emotionally blackmailing her. She threatens Keerthana and makes her agree with the marriage.

Keerthana comes to AJ house along with Swetha. Jaya welcomes her happily. Hasini turns happy seeing her and questions them where is dad? She informs to her that he will come here tomorrow. Chithra comes there and welcomes her happily. Archana makes faces after seeing this. Keerthana says to them she is here to talk a alliance with them. Archana questions her who is here to marry her? Keerthana mentions Badri name. Badri comes there on time. Chithra questions him what’s going on here? He says to them he has no link with them Keerthana asks him to search a good partner for Swetha. He suggested his friend to her.

Hasini questions her mom why is she trying to arrange Swetha marriage with divorcee? She has no problem at all. Her mom says that she has no money to arrange her marriage grandly. Hasini says to her she will take care of her sister. She takes Swetha to her room and confronts her what’s going on? Swetha lied to her for her mom’s sake. Hasini assures to her that she will be with her if she is facing any problem then share it with her freely. Meanwhile Keerthana lashes out at Badri.

Keerthana questions Badri Is he trying to cheat her and Swetha? Badri says to her she is doing wrong things. If she talks about his alliance in this house then they will understand that he intentionally hurts Sindhu to marry Swetha. Not only him but also Keerthana should go to jail for this. Keerthana gets shock to hear it. Badri assure to her he will deal with this matter. So stop worrying about it. Hasini takes Swetha there she leaves with her mom. Hasini questions Badri Is this the way he is helping his sister.

Badri says to her that today they are here to talk alliance with him soon he will hold her hand. Hasini slaps him. He raise his hand back she threatens him with AJ name. She warns him and leaves. Swetha visits hospital to meet Sindhu. She apologies to her state. She confess to her whatever happened. She says to her clearly that Badri cheated her by hiding his martial status and said to her Sindhu is a wrong one. If he is the reason behind her state then she won’t forgive him. If she is wrong one then she will marry him. She asks her to get well soon and leaves.

Episode end.